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The Office: The Dinner Party

dinner.jpgWe have missed our beloved "Office" over these many weeks, so it was a bit bizarre that almost the entire episode took place beyond Dunder-Mifflin's doors.

However, there ain't no party like a Scranton party -- even if it's a dinner party at Michael and Jan's.

This “party” gave us a brief, but oh-so-telling glimpse into the life of Scranton's most curious couple. Directed by Paul Feig ("Freaks & Geeks"), this one was uncomfortable, frightening, and just what we needed after the lengthy writers' strike.

Pam and Jim probably wouldn't agree. They were on the guest list, which also included Andy and Angela, as well as impromptu guests Dwight and his mystery date, who also happened to be his former “baby-sitter.”

Inside the walls of Michael and Jan's condo, we see there is a lot of construction -- and not just when it comes to the structure.

Jan is working on a new career, as a shrew and a candlemaker. The smells of her self-made products are strong, but perhaps not strong enough to take away her pain. She also is a budding photographer, which would explain the camera on their bed (*wink*). That device apparently gets more bed space than Michael, who also sleeps at the foot of the bed like a dog. This is quite fitting, since he is also treated like one, with his prized Dundies relegated to a teeny portion of the condo, and his most prized possession, the smallest plasma TV ever, given a small space for display.

Angela seems completely annoyed. She hates Andy's romantic side (see the Great Moment below), although she could be blinded by Jan's boobs or maybe Hunter's music was putting her in a mood -- I know it would have that effect on me.

With no food in sight (can Jan even cook?), the charades come out -- and so do the claws on Jan. She appears to have a thing about Pam. Make it's because she is dillusional in thinking that Pam and Michael were once a thing.

However, it's not the jealousy that makes for an uncomfortable evening. It's our hosts. This completely mismatched couple seems so perfect together and yet so wrong. Will either one be able to stop this insanity? It seems that no number of “babes” will fix this relationship.

Like many great parties, the thing gets busted up when Jan smashes Michael's $200 plasma TV and the cops show up. However, it's Michael that gets sentenced -- to a night at Dwight's.

So is this the end of Michael and Jan? It feels like the right thing to do, but judging how both seem to be grasping at straws to save this relationship, I wouldn't be surprised if we actually see a wedding in the future. Could you imagine the goldmine of side comments and expressions for that one? What do you think? -- Rachel Cericola


Great Line: Michael's review that the wine has an “oakey afterbirth."

Great Moment: When Angela stuck her ice cream cone to the side of Andy's car after he made the “mistake” of taking a sample lick.

Great Revelation: Michael ran through the sliding glass door because he thought he heard the ice cream truck.

Posted by Rachel Cericola on April 10, 2008 11:47 PM
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