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The Office: Parking

parking.jpgAs I had speculated last week, there could be an "Office" wedding coming this season (or at least as a cliffhanger). However, it won't be Michael and Jan up at the alter -- although I'm guessing that Michael will squeeze himself in their somehow.

Jim announced to Pam that he is planning to propose at some point. He even showed us the ring. He also showed her how he knows how to get down on one knee... to tie his shoes. I am wondering if this will be a running theme until the deed is actually done.

Speaking of done: It appears that Michael and Jan are no longer an item. For some reason, I don't see those two as being over. Maybe because Michael thinks she's smart and beautiful, and loves her boob job. Maybe it's because his only other shot at happiness was apparently a chair model who died in a car accident.

I think Michael will cling to Jan the way he clings to his office chair. He also won't have Pam (and Creed) nudging him in either direction.

The chair woman and her fate were not a mystery for very long. Dwight was on the case. It was nice to see him take a week off from Angela-pining and get back to one of the many things he is so good at: Tracking down incredibly useless information.

With the chair model out of the picture, Michael asks his employees to name potential mates -- or be fired. Pam is the only one that truly steps up to the plate, setting him up with her plain Jane landlady. Despite Michael dodging his own name for about two seconds, she decides to have coffee with him anyway. Wow... am I glad not to be single anymore.

The second plot of tonight's episode is where our title comes from: Parking. There's no parking at the Dunder-Mifflin offices, so the staffers need to park in a satellite lot.

To settle the parking score, Kevin and Andy assemble the Five Families, which are the five companies of Scranton Business Park. The leaders of that pack include:

1. Michael Scott, Dunder-Mifflin
2. Bob Vance, Vance Refrigeration
3. Paul Faust, Disaster Kits Limited
4. W.B. Jones, W.B. Jones Heating & Air
5. Bill Cress, Bill Cress Tool & Die

Michael was absent, but the "family" reunion lasted about two seconds. Everyone got their parking back. It all seemed too easy though -- a lot easier than Andy's Moonwalk.

My guess is that the parking situation will be solved, but what about Michael and Jan? Could there be a wedding for that wacky twosome? Also, will we see a proposal from Jim this season, or will they drag that out? Finally, will anyone be heading to the "Office" spin-off? Stay tuned. See you next week. -- Rachel Cericola


Great Line: Michael calling Oscar "Oscar Meyer Weiner Lover."

Great Moment: Michael ordering takeout from Wendy's, and telling Dwight to go get it.

Great Revelation: Creed has his office chair, will get Pam's, and then he'll "only need one more."

Posted by Rachel Cericola on April 17, 2008 10:10 PM
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