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The Office: The Deposition

deposition.jpg"Your mamma is so fat, she could eat Internet."

If you missed the last minute of tonight's episode, you missed one of the best moments of the season (and maybe the last, if the strike continues). Of course, it dealt with the secondary plotline, so more on that later...

Jan had her big day in court -- well, Dunder-Mifflin court. It was time for Michael to tell her side of her story... yes, her side. She had Michael trained like a seal before that thing started.

You would have thought that Ryan would have beaten her to it. His new smarm and expense account could have taken Michael out on the town, you know, "as friends."

Instead, Michael was forced to choose between his three great loves: "the twins" and Dunder-Mifflin.

It wasn't such a tough decision after all. As part of her "defense," Jan leaked Michael's diary to everyone involved, making him a definite laughing stock. It was really sad -- not just that he keeps a diary, but that deep-down, David is right. Michael is "a nice guy" and he loves his company.

While Michael was out, business was not as usual -- as usual. Jim needed to practice his ping pong so that he could finally beat warehouse Darryl. If not, Pam would have to be subjected to more of Kelly's trash/smack talk.

Tonight was the last new episode of "The Office" that we are going to get for a bit. While I thought it was a good one, it was sort of a bummer that Jim, Pam and everyone else were so secondary.

All of that, however, might have been excusable thanks to the return of Mose. Where does Mose live? What does he do besides work at Shrute Farms? For all we know, he lives in the Dunder-Mifflin basement, watching training films of Dwight's heroes (can anyone name all of those guys?) and practicing his ping pong.

That last minute with Dwight and Mose was a perfect moment to end on. Hope to see you guys soon. -- Rachel Cericola

Photo: © 2007 NBC/Byron Cohen

Posted by Rachel Cericola on November 15, 2007 10:57 PM
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Hey, I thought this was the perfect episode to end on till the strike is over. It incorporated things from previous episodes such as the picture and, if i am not mistaken, is Mike wearing his "on sale" ladies suit? Haha, I hope that wasnt just wishful thinking on my part.

Remember, do not view the episodes on Help the writers get what they deserve!

-- Posted by: Josh at November 16, 2007 12:41 AM

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