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The Office: Survivor Man

launch.jpgNBC's Green Week continued with Dunder-Mifflin getting back to nature...

Toby got to go camping with Ryan and other members of corporate. One person that wasn't invited: Michael. Everyone seemed pretty happy about that. Everyone but Michael.

So he decided to set up his own camping trip, sort of a mini version of "Survivorman." However, considering that he had civilization and Dwight just inches away, it was more like his version of "Man vs. Wild."

Considering Dwight's collection of knives (and one blowdart) that he had around the office, as well as the supplies in his car, Michael seemed in good hands. However, the fact that Dwight already had a serial killer name ("The Overkill Killer") and plan in place might make us think otherwise.

Meanwhile, Jim was shaking things up at the office. His first real day in charge and his first order of business was to combine birthday month into one monster Mifflin bash.

You'd think the guy never worked a day in an office. Anyone who has would know that office people live for the party.

Aside from expecting certain birthday surprises, people seemed to be very particular about the pastries that they like. Meredith wanted a Devil's Food cake; Creed wanted a peach cobbler. Andy wanted Fudgie the Whale -- even though it wasn't his birthday.

As goofy as Michael is, he apparently knows how to make the birthday boy or girl feel very special. These superpowers, however, mean nothing outside of the office, say.. in the deep of the woods.

In Michael-like fashion, Jim called a meeting. Since he is committed to being the anti-Michael, he had the meeting out in the open instead of the confines of the conference room. It didn’t work on Phyllis; she actually called Jim "Michael." Ouch.

It was reasonable. He was acting like Michael and even took Michael's office. Hell, he even developed Michael's dislike for Toby.

Bottom line: No one likes being the boss -- even Michael, who apparently created these little songs and surprises to lighten the tension that often fills his life and our living rooms each week. Jim and Michael sharing their experiences at the end was priceless. It felt spontaneous and almost like a blooper real, but was also very touching to boot.

This was a good one, I thought. Better soak them up, kids. Because of the writers' strike, next week's episode is the last new one for a while. -- Rachel Cericola

Posted by Rachel Cericola on November 9, 2007 9:17 PM
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