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The Office: Money

money.jpgMichael is a big Meryl Streep fan. No surprises there. What was a surprise was that he had taken a second job -- telemarketing to support Jan's lavish lifestyle and decorating habits.

His side job brings out two sides of Michael that we haven't seen yet: 1) the anti-seller; and 2) the popular Michael. Apparently he makes a much better employee than a boss. The other employees share their food, love his stories and even invite him to hang out after-hours. As amusing as that was, it was sort of disappointing that his salesman instinct never kicked in.

Maybe he didn't have time; Ryan forced him to quit the side gig. This was just another ray of sunshine Ryan has brought upon this season. But the look he had upon coming face-to-face with Darryl? Priceless.

Dwight had his own moonlighting gig as well; he started a B&B at Shrute Farms (loved Pam's nickname, "The Beets Motel"). This was not only a great opportunity for the return of Mose, but it was also the perfect first getaway for new couple Jim and Pam.

Although the permits are pending, the couple got to spend a night in the Irrigation room, where they were treated to a table-making display, some beet wine, and peeks at both Mose in the outhouse and Dwight's on-going misery without Angela.

Speaking of Angela: She has a new cat, courtesy of Andy. Actually, it was courtesy of Dwight. Wasn't this the same cat he offered her episodes ago? Whether it was the kitty or the moonwalking, it seems like Angela might have a date with Andy as well. Maybe she needs to re-think her vote for office slut.

A few other thoughts/questions:
• Do we like Darryl and Kelly as a couple? I am undecided.
• William Charles Schneider aka Creed. How many more skeletons could one person have?
• Does Scrantonicity II have the same set list as the original Scrantonicity?
• The moment where Jim consoled Dwight was a classic. Just when I thought it was going to be a "very special episode," Dwight when in for a hug with the already-gone Jim. Awesome.
• What was with Jim's "passion for Italian food?" Will we see a season-end proposal?

Maybe you guys can answer some of these. If not, there's always next week -- although we'll be back to the 30-minute episodes. -- Rachel Cericola

Photo: © 2007 NBC/Justin Lubin

Posted by Rachel Cericola on October 19, 2007 9:03 PM
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Thank goodness this was the last one-hour Office - it dragged on and on and on unmercifully losing all of the quick responses and second glances that make this a well written show. If NBC is intent on killing this show, because they have nothing else to program,they did an excellent job. Twenty-two minutes a week is all we need.

-- Posted by: Billy-Ball at October 20, 2007 12:38 PM

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