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The Office: Fun Run

funrun.jpg"The Office" kicked off its fourth season with a bang -- and I'm not just talking about the sound that came from Michael's car as he ran over Meredith.

That's right; Michael ran over Meredith with his car. The entire office was sad, except for Dwight, who thought it could be a workman's comp ploy, and Angela, who was preoccupied with Sprinkles the cat.

Everyone made a plan to visit Meredith during lunch. Angela didn't want to go. After all, Sprinkles was sick. She was sicker than sick -- she was dead in Angela's freezer. Dwight wasn't exactly sympathetic. Maybe because he's a cat killer?

Sensing this personality flaw, Angela went to Pam for relationship advice, since she's "always having problems." The evidence, which included several bags of clawed French fries, didn't look good. Did Pam have advice? It didn't matter... she's a dog lover.

During the hospital visit, Michael proceeded to pull out Meredith's IV tube, beg for forgiveness and then re-crushed her pelvis by crawling on top of her. Creed also revealed his frightening knowledge of painkillers. However, what Creed knowledge is not frightening? Certainly not the fact that in his 82 years, he has been both a cult leader and follower...

After the visit, Michael started to believe the office was cursed. However, it sounds like Meredith was the one that had the hex on her. She had been bitten by a bat, a rat, and a raccoon -- all recently. Shouldn't she have some type of superpowers by now?

Michael started to believe that the rabies cancelled out the curse -- but not the cause, so he organized a fun run to "support the rabid."

Kevin didn't want to run (since he had to do so in a suit), Andy needed to protect his nipples, and Daryl wanted to feed squirrels peanuts and flirt with the "nurse." Michael did a carbo-load with Fettuccine Alfredo. If you didn't see the results, lucky you. Creed, Oscar and Stanley took a cab to a bar. Jim and Pam hung back to hold hands.

Pam is looking very foxy this year. She's single in real life, she's a movie star ("Blades of Glory"), and she finally has her Jim. She also got to see Michael naked -- which is a plus or a minus, depending on how you look at it.

Big surprise, Jim and Karen broke up, but not because of Pam -- which sounded a lot like the Brangelina defense. No one in the office knows the two are together, but Jim and Pam did fess up about their relationship for the cameras. Do you think those two getting together will make the show jump the shark? I don't think so. In fact, it's about damn time.

Not too much of Ryan in this episode. So far all we know is that he crushed Kelly (much like Meredith's pelvis), moved to the corporate office, has a beard-in-training and is now the female Jan, sans boob job. Looks like we'll see more of him next week. I'd like to see more of Michael and Jan's "domestic" life as well...

Good start to the season. Glad they are doing hour-long episodes. There's a lot to cover! -- Rachel Cericola

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Photo: © 2007 NBC/Mitch Haddad

Posted by Rachel Cericola on September 27, 2007 9:59 PM
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