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The Office: Phyllis' Wedding

office-wedding.jpgAnother week, another party for Dunder-Mifflin. This time, the festivites are off-site, since it's Phyllis' wedding day.

Surprisingly, Phyllis asked Michael to be in her wedding. I am guessing that her six-week vacation was not worth the "wedding night" talk she had to endure with him. His only responsibility was to push her father's wheelchair down the aisle. Sadly (for Michael), his duties were cut short since Phyllis' father made a surprise solo trip.

Sometimes I feel so bad for Michael. He so desperately wants to be part of something. Then he goes ahead and tells an entire room full of people that Phyllis' high-school nickname was "Easy Rider." It's tough to feel for a guy like that.

I'm also unsure about whether he just wants to belong or if he's more like a 3-year-old who repeatedly shouts out "look at me" -- or, in this case, repeatedly shouts out the bride and groom's introduction. That said, if I were to get married again, I would invite him to do a toast, if not just for the Peter Cook impression.

As much as we've all been rooting (and not rooting) for it, JAM is still not on -- at least for one more episode. Pam spent the entire evening with a serious case of deja vu, since Phyllis' wedding was a carbon copy of the one she had planned for her and Roy, all the way down to Scrantonicity as the wedding band. Maybe it was the flowers or the fish, but she wound up leaving with Roy, and who could blame her -- he has been looking pretty hot this season.

Jim, who obviously has never gotten over Pam, seemed to get over her after seeing her leave with Roy. Although, did he enjoy Karen's singing or not? My guess is despite expressing his feelings of joy, that relationship will end badly -- and not just because Rashida Jones (who plays Karen) has been cast in a new series. Maybe Karen will leave to go on the road with Scrantonicity.

It had nothing to do with the episode, but Jim's Altoid experiment deserves a mention. You would think after all of those super-strong mints, skin would be peeling from the inside of Dwight's mouth. I am also guessing that he was still minty fresh while grilling elderly wedding guests to make sure they weren't just there to pocket dinner rolls and sugar packets.

However, the moment of the night belongs to Creed. Ever so creepy, Creed has broken the needle off the creep-o-meter, after tossing a card from the gift table, and replacing it with his own. I will lie awake tonight wondering who brought that gift, and more importantly, what was inside. -- Rachel Cericola

Posted by Rachel Cericola on February 8, 2007 11:22 PM
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