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The Office: The Return

”office-return.jpg"Poor Dwight. All of those years at Dunder-Mifflin have basically prepared him for a job in retail sales. Maybe not. Maybe it was just a good opportunity for another Staples plug.

Speaking of which: I wonder what was subliminally sold to me during tonight's episode. I did get that MailMate shredder, and I understand why Kevin was so addicted!

Dwight wasn't the only one suffering. "Congratulations universe -- you win," Jim said. Apparently, he was also missing Dwight. Only because Andy is beyond annoying. Sure it's funny, but hey -- I don't have to work with the guy. On the annoying scale, Andy seems to be lodged somewhere between K-Fed and Carrot Top. He is so annoying that he actually annoys -- wait for it -- Michael Scott.

Deep down, Michael seemed to miss Dwight as well. After all, he arranges the little toys on his desk every night. How cute was that?

Angela was heartbroken over Dwight's absence. The guilt was apparently eating away at her, so she came clean to Michael about why Dwight was at corporate. Of course, she managed to keep their relationship still a secret. Do you think that she knows that Pam knows? Sometimes it's hard to tell.

Perhaps to compensate for Dwight's absence or maybe just because of Andy's "big weirdo creep"-ness, Jim decided to play a prank on Andy. As further proof that Jim and Karen just don't mesh, she shot down the chance to be his partner in crime. That's OK -- he works better with Pam anyway. And by the way, when did Ryan become such a douche? I think we all liked him better as the temp...

The prank was to hide Andy's cell phone in the ceiling... above his desk. Then Pam and Jim proceeded to call the phone, triggering Andy's ring, which is, of course, Andy singing. What Andy once thought was clever became his "Niagara Falls."

Luckily, we didn't have to mourn the loss of Dwight too long. After Angela confessed, Michael went down to Staples and asked Dwight to come back to Dunder-Mifflin. It was kind of funny: Although it was kind of sad to see Dwight in that red shirt, the guy still delivers sales wherever he goes.

Even more shocking, we learned something tonight about Michael. He isn't as big of an idiot as he may seem. He could see right through Andy's B.S. He enjoys Dwight's B.S. much better, because it's genuine B.S. -- and comes from the heart. It's kind of surprising, considering how lonely Michael seems to be. Maybe it's because he's getting some action now?

Aside from Jim's Dwight confession, he also came clean about his feelings for Pam -- to Karen. Does that mean her time on the show is running out? And what about Andy? Is he as good as gone?

Oscar's return from his "gay-cation" was such a small part of tonight's episode. I guess like most offices, at Dunder-Mifflin, any reason is a good reason to party -- especially if firecrackers, a Chihuahua, and possibly a donkey are involved. -- Rachel Cericola

Posted by Rachel Cericola on January 18, 2007 9:58 PM
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Thought it was a very good ep. Andy's singing all four parts on his ring tone was tops. And his punching a hole in the wall when he couldn't find his phone....sure hope that was trick drywall... Dwight's coming back definitely puts Andy down a rung.

I was expecting some fallout from the previous episode re. Jan's photo being e-mailed all over the place. There is absolutely no way they can let that go.

BTW - I do own an Easy button from Staples. Product placement bastards...

-- Posted by: ransomjackson at January 19, 2007 3:26 PM

Wonderful post. I learned many interesting things. Thank you)

-- Posted by: Ashley at January 31, 2013 9:41 PM

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