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Office Fodder

The Office: Diwali

”office-diwali.jpg"Could Michael's life getting any sadder? Of course, he is the sad clown... if this show wasn't so damn funny, his life would make me want to kill myself.

Chances are, he feels sort of the same way after tonight's episode. Yes -- there was a big proposal, and of course, it was rejected. Read on...

Kellie invites everyone to celebrate Diwali. This includes Michael. Either she is insane, or she was just too busy playing dress-up with Ryan. She has seen Michael in public, hasn't she?

Even more shocking is that she invites Angela. I think I'd rather seat Michael next to my parents than invite someone who thinks my family eats monkey brains. Michael says they might be nutritional, as well as tasty. My guess is that if he didn't like the Samosas, he won't like monkey brains. I can't speak from experience, but I am guessing that the latter doesn't taste like chocolate, marshmallow and graham crackers either.

To get ready for the night's festivities, Michael wanted Kellie to enlighten the office on the holiday. He probably could have done his Kellie impression and made more sense. Of course, Dwight knows all about it, but was cut off by Michael, who claimed it was too "Lord of the Rings."

The celebration was colorful, but it wasn't a costume party -- which sort of made Carol feel out of place in her cheerleader outfit. Maybe she could have stood next to Kevin all night and people would have been distracted by his "disease."

My on-going question is: Why is Ryan still torturing Kellie (or is it the other way around)? Her sisters might have enjoyed Scranton's answer to Zach Braff, but Kellie's parents certainly didn't. I don't think he scored any points by telling them he was saving his money to travel and buy an Xbox.

The big surprise of the night was Michael's marriage proposal. I felt really bad for the guy. It was kind of cute, but yes creepy -- after all, it was only their ninth date. He didn't exactly smooth things over with his invitation to share the Karma Sutra with her.

Pam said she was expecting something to happen tonight. It looked like Roy was expecting it too, and I'm guessing that neither of them thought it would be Michael's advances towards Pam. Just when you think it wasn't his night, Michael actually redeemed himself with his Adam-Sandler-inspired Dawali song.

Meanwhile, at the bizzaro office... Jim started riding his bike to work. Unfortunately, it made him really sweaty. I used to work with a guy that did the same thing, and I can attest -- he was a sweaty guy too.

Andy seems to want to c-block Jim when it comes to Karen. In fact, he told Jim that the two of them have had an on/off thing for a while. He compared their relationship to "Sam and Diane." Do you think that Karen knows that?

The three of them get stuck working late to do order-form consolidation. Any third-wheel/awkward pauses were pretty much drowned by Jagermeister. In fact, if anyone was a third wheel, it was Karen. She was the only one faking her shots.

She was also the only one that could drive home, and took Jim with her. I am guessing nothing came out of it tonight, but is Pam already too late? -- Rachel Cericola

Posted by Rachel Cericola on November 2, 2006 10:07 PM
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