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Office Fodder

The Office: Drug Testing

”office-drug.jpg"After weeks of waiting and wondering when we'd get a new episode of "The Office," we finally got to witness office drug testing -- and it was well worth the wait.

The episode kicked off with Dwight finding half a joint in the parking lot. "Dwight finding drugs is more dangerous than most people using drugs," Jim said. It's also twice as funny. In full deputy garb, he tries to sniff out the potential drug user.

Kevin has many characteristics of a pothead (munchies, lazy, etc.), Oscar had visited Mexico as a child ("potential drug mule") -- each member of the office got their own inquisition, each of which was equally funny. Angela's interview, however, was short, yet so creepy.

"It has to be official and it has to be urine," Dwight exclaimed, as he demands drug testing for all. After Michael claims to have been exposed to second-hand smoke at an Alicia Keys concert, he feels the need to dodge testing and give a drug talk to the rest of the office. Although entertaining (as most Michael talks are), even more enlightening was the revelation that Dwight’s last urine test (of course he had one) came out green.

After Michael spills the beans to Dwight, he asks for his sample. Dwight reluctantly gives it to him and then turns in his deputy uniform. Out of guilt, Michael gets him an "honorary" position in the office's security department. To me, it looked like he just got to annoy the security guy while wearing a little kid's sheriff star. It made him feel better though.

Also it came out this week that Jim impersonates each person in the office, although we only got to see him do Stanley -- which made me want to see others.

Of course, there is also a Pam and Jim sub-plot. Are those two ever going to hook up or what? This time, Pam has "jinxed" Jim and since he was unable to reciprocate by buying her a Coke, he spends a good portion of the episode trying to keep his silence. They also had their moment where it looked like Jim would confess something to her. Of course, he just wanted to talk about Dwight and his day.

At the end, Jim ponders why Dwight would go through so much during the course of one day, just for Michael. "What is he getting out of that relationship?" he asks. Am I stretching or could the same apply for his relationship with Pam? -- Rachel Cericola

Posted by Rachel Cericola on April 27, 2006 8:55 PM
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My favorite moments in no particular order:

* Pam's reaction during the meeting when Michael asks her to "take a note" and she doesn't have a notebook. Gotta love that Pam.

* The creepy -- CREEPY -- moment when Angela claims she's not on any prescription medicine and Dwight asks, "Any?" Ew.

* Dwight going "CSI" and tracking the trajectory of the joint in the parking lot. Good lord, Rainn Wilson deserves an Emmy.

* And finally: "This is NOT Kelly Kapur hour!"

-- Posted by: mac at April 27, 2006 10:25 PM

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