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Modern Family Fodder

Modern Family - Hello, Hawaii

Ah sweet Lady Gaga that is good. This week's Modern Family was a level above recent episodes, exploring the island of Maui through the eyes of the extended clan. Against all odds, the whole family arrives safely in Hawaii in this week's episode.

An unexpected reality check dampens Jay's plans for relaxation; his brother calls to wish him a happy birthday and makes reference to their father who died at Jay's age. With that little wakeup call, Jay springs into action, making appointments to play tennis and running around the pool like a young pup. Gloria, who considered marrying an old geezer as a free pass to laziness, is soon sore and worn out from their adventure.

Mitchell and Cameron also have opposing views about their vacation, with the tightly-wound redhead determined to soak up the island's culture and his loosey-goosey lover pretending to be interested. After an argument revolving around their latest planned adventure---"The Lavender Ranch is something two men are meant to do together."---Mitchell finally gives in to his pleadings and enjoys a foot massage and a fruity drink from one of the local ladies.

Phil, in an effort to bring some romance for Claire (the prettiest white woman on Maui), coerces her into leaving the kids behind and enjoying some fun in the hotel pool. It takes a while for Claire to warm up to the idea, but she, just like her brother, nuzzles up to the Infinity pool nozzle for that "weird and good" feeling. The Dunphy kids get into mischief when left to their own devices. Alex arrives at Jay's birthday dinner with the news that Haley is throwing up in the bathroom after an afternoon of drinking. And Luke and Manny's roommate days come to a screeching halt when Manny tosses Luke out. With bread, cheese and a working iron, what else was Luke supposed to do? The Dunphys do get to bask in their wedded bliss at the end, when Phil engineers the wedding they never had due to Claire becoming pregnant with Haley.

Other laugh-out-loud moments: Jay and Phil share an awkward embrace in a hammock after Jay throws his back out, an echo of Jay's moon landing with Cameron a few months ago. In another self-referential moment, a relaxed Mitchell and Cameron accidentally leave Lily in the elevator on their way to the party. Once again, Cameron's dramatic, diva-like show is one of the highlights of the evening. These things happen, as Gloria says, and in fact, the couple loses her again when they tour the banana plantation near the end of their trip.

Next week is the season finale, with the whole family (hopefully) returning to L.A. It will be hard, though, to surpass this first-rate episode.

Posted by Blake Jonathan Boldt on May 13, 2010 9:30 AM
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