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Modern Family Fodder

Modern Family - Like Father, Like Son

On this week's episode of Modern Family, three separate threads meet only momentarily as the different households get caught up in their own hijinx. Here's a brief rundown:

*Fred Willard finally makes an in-person appearance as Phil's father, Frank AKA "the happiest man on earth," a neat, no, make that perfect bit of cameo casting that proves once and for all that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. The Dunphy family must adjust to life with a new dog and the seeming demise of the elder Dunphy's marriage. The missus is taking a vacation with girlfriends as Frank visits Phil, Claire and the grandchildren. Eventually Phil and his father share a heart-to-heart talk upon Claire's request, a nice break from their usual practical joking.

*After Jay takes Manny on a trip to the movies to see a horror flick---Mitchell's high school friend is now a film star---Manny goes around in constant fear of a similar fate. The man-child even resorts to sleeping in Jay and Gloria's bed and cringing at the sound of the doorbell. An ill-timed visit by said friend, wielding a knife and a creepy grin, no less, doesn't help matters much.

*In a pinch, Haley's boyfriend Dylan enlists Cameron, purple drumsticks and all, to sub as the drummer in his band. Cam's cameo with the band, or, as Mitchell calls them, 21 Jump Street, serves as a perfect diversion from his days of raising Lily as a stay-at-home dad. The whole family winds up at the local 21 and Under club for the show. Dressed (and decidedly late) for Pepper's party in a big, ugly sweater, Mitchell eventually loosens up and enjoys himself. Cam even attracts a squealing girl, or so he thought. ("It was Phil. He had a Red Bull.") His moment---"a really long moment"--- is spoiled when, unfortunately, the original bandmember makes a return to town, leaving Cam on the sidelines for the next gig.

All in all, a solid if not spectacular edition to the Modern Family catalog. Next week is the beginning of May Sweeps, with the Dunphy and Pritchett clans heading to Hawaii for some fun under the sun.

Posted by Blake Jonathan Boldt on April 29, 2010 12:52 AM
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