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Modern Family Fodder

Modern Family: Truth and Turtles

Though the family gave us a load of laughs this week, the true stars of "To Tell the Truth" were guest star Judy Greer, in a tailor-made role as Phil's ex-girlfriend, and Shel Silverstein, Manny's beloved and barely-dead pet turtle. Both livened up an episode that seemed clogged with story ideas, but still managed to provide a few entertainment moments.

From Phil's earnest boasts about his Facebook prowess---"Everybody wants a slice."---to his ex's desperate attempts to break up the Dunphy home, the reunion storyline stole the show last night. Judy Greer has built a career on fidgety, sharp-tongued characters who shine with their sense of comedic timing. Her efforts to ensnare Phil in her tangled web briefly threw off Claire ("Women in their thirties on the Internet, they're like ninjas. They get in their little black outfits and try to sneak their way into your marriage."), but eventually all the tension was resolved.

In other family news, Mitchell, afraid of missing precious family time, quits his job after a fight with his boss. His verbal exchange with Cameron in the car ("Shout!") was the highlight of their night. As the economy continues to sink, Mitchell's concerns about jumping off the corporate ladder---"Let's just drink the cheap stuff, because we may have to sell that bottle."---hit home.

So does the loss of a much-loved pet. Jay's accidental killing of Manny's turtle worked for a few cheap guffaws, but the real winning formula is the laundry list of odd pet names dreamed up by the Pritchett clan ("Flyza Minelli." "Zsa Zsa Gaboa").

Little changed in the Modern Family world this week, though Mitchell's surprise decision sets up some humorous opportunities as Lily's daddies try to live their comfy life with a shortage of income.

Posted by Blake Jonathan Boldt on March 11, 2010 10:37 AM
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