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Modern Family Fodder

Modern Family - Star Light, Star Bright

Last night's episode of Modern Family, the cleverly-titled "Starry Night," was a return to form after a couple so-so episodes. Familiar family relationships were strengthened while new partnerships were formed.

When Jay takes son Mitchell and stepson Manny on a star-gazing trip (An obvious surprise to Mitchell---"Shotgun, sucka!"), the uptight redhead is knocked off his axis by Manny's annoying antics. The night takes a stinky turn when an obviously-perturbed Mitchell is sprayed by a skunk. Later, he bonds with his wisecracking stepbrother over their mutual weirdness. And how can one erase the memory of Mitchell's cross-dressing self (in Gloria's new dress, no less) scooting across the mountainside?

Cameron and Gloria (a clever pairing by the writers of the most-passionate members of the family) decide to take the opportunity to eat dinner and get to know each other better. The "spicy, curvy diva" was clearly nervous to break bread with Gloria after a recent awkward encounter ("Your people. What is wrong with me?!"), but made amends by making reservations at a fancy Italian restaurant. Gloria has other ideas, insisting on a trip to a dive bar where some five-alarm food sent Cameron into a tizzy ("I feel like I ate the sun!"). Their dinner date ends badly when the tires are stolen from Cameron's car, giving Gloria her own moment of insanity. No one messes with a Latin woman scorned.

While the Dunphy clan kept to themselves for this installment, their foibles were just as humorous. Phil and Claire dare to help the kids on school projects with mixed results. The Dunphy boys experience another "like father, like son" moment as they battle their ADHD. Luke pegs Mitchell as a dead ringer for Van Gogh (well-played), but experiences a real A-ha! moment when he successfully completes the project. The same can't be said for Haley, who jabbers on to her girlfriends as Claire slaves over a hot stove to bake 40 cupcakes for her school fundraiser.

Tucked away in last night's episode was one of life's important lessons: If you don't sweat, you're not doing it right. From Claire's feverish baking panic attack to Cameron's mouth-on-fire freakout, Modern Family was pitch-perfect last night.

Posted by Blake Jonathan Boldt on March 25, 2010 10:40 AM
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