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Modern Family Fodder

Modern Family: Dress You Up in My Love

On this week's Valentine's Day-themed episode of Modern Family, the three couples wind their way through various obstacles to celebrate the holiday of love. From Lily's boa-based Valentine's costume (remade from Cameron's accessory collection, of course) to Gloria's va-va-va-voom red dress to Claire's ill-considered trench coat, fashion is at the forefront of this by-the-book entry in the show's first season.

For this Valentine's Day (Gloria's favorite day in America!), Jay takes her to see his favorite stand-up comic, played by David Brenner, only to become the butt of many jokes about their May-December marriage. When Brenner acknowledges Gloria in all her saucy glory, red dress to impress, he---not unsurprisingly---believes she's brought her father to the show. Their scenes seemed built for cheap laughs without truly exploring the unique dynamic of their relationship. The couple's best exchange occurred early, with Gloria trying desperately to understand the humor of America's older generation ("Who the hell is Johnny Carson?," she mutters in her never-gets-old Columbian accent.)

With Jay and Gloria occupied, Cameron and Mitchell offer to help Manny with his sinking love life (Manny: "The universe is cold and loveless."). The object of his affection, Fiona Gunderson, mistakes his overwrought poetry for that of the cute blond boy in their class. With their date in progress at Great Shakes (Cupcakes last week and milkshakes this week! Modern Family food coma!), Cameron and Manny plot to win back the winsome Fiona. Fed up with Manny's near-miss and his own unsuccessful court case, Mitchell finally has his day in the sun when he recites his speech ("Shame!") in order to embarrass the bully and force him to admit that he stole the poem. Fiona falls for blondie's charms anyway, leaving at least one family member out of the loop of love this week.

No such problem for long-timers like Claire and Phil, who, after seventeen years of boring Italian meals and hand-picked Valentines, engage in some roleplaying at a local hotel to spice up their marriage. Awkward banter abounds. Even worse, their romantic plans hit a snag when a nearly-naked Claire gets her coat stuck in the escalator and the couple runs into a host of their friends who are enjoying more-PG evenings. Thankfully, Gloria comes to their rescue just before Claire is defrocked in front of the whole hotel.

The best gag of the episode came from Haley's boyfriend, Dylan, who, in a fit of hormonal inspiration, has a picture of the pair blown up into a poster-size declaration of their half-clothed teenaged lovin'. Modern Family can dress up their hilarious day-to-day dramas, but little twists like these are the reason the show continues to steal the hearts of its viewers.

Posted by Blake Jonathan Boldt on February 11, 2010 6:11 PM
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