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Mad Men Fodder

Mad Men: "Shut the Door. Have a Seat " Preview

This is it people. The finale of the 3rd season of Mad Men has arrived way too soon.

Ripping out a page of the David Chase playbook, show runner Matthew Weiner is being ultra secretive about the finale airing tonight at 10pm EST on AMC. He has said this season was all about change and boy, he wasn't kidding. The show has been epic from start to finish and there is lots of loose ends to tie up. But will all those story lines get addressed? Don't count on it. Here's the vague episode description in typical Weiner style:

"Don has an important meeting with Connie. Betty receives some advice. Pete talks to his clients."

Careful, you might give too much away!

Here's what we know: Sal will make an appearance to explain to someone what he's been doing since he was fired. Cruising the park seems to be the consensus. We also know that Sterling Cooper is for sale, but who's buying? Rachel Menken? Rockefeller? Connie Hilton? Don has some more flashbacks centered around his childhood as little Dick Whitman. And that's all we know.

Some burning questions needing answers: In last weeks JFK centric episode Betty lowered the boom on Don Draper by finally telling him what we have all known for a long time; she's not in love with him anymore. We know she's gonna get some advice but from who? Henry Francis? Francine? What's she gonna do to Don this week?

Hot to trot teacher Suzanne Farrell is still out there lurking. Will she exact revenge on Don and or Betty? What happened to her brother? He's got Don's card which can't be good.

Will Pete talk to his clients to lay the foundation for him leaving Sterling Cooper? Will he go work for Duck? What's he gonna do when he finds out Peggy is sleeping with the Duckster?

Now that Peggy knows Duck only wants to have sex with her how is this gonna play out? Will she still agree to those nooners? She can't be pregnant again right?

After the vase smashing incident, Greg joined the military to escape the violence of his home leaving Joan all alone with her phone calls with Roger. Will Joan and Roger make a physical connection once again? What about drunk Jane?

What will Don do now that his marriage is over and all his secrets have been spilled? I'm sure Connie will give him some warped advice.

Will Kinsey have pit stains again?

No doubt there will be some cliffhangers as well as new issues for our favorite characters. Last weeks episode was flat out amazing, how will they top it? Join me for some "live" Tweeting tonight during the episode as it's sure to be very exciting! Watch the video again when Betty tells Don how she really feels about him.

-- Janaki Cedanna

Posted by Janaki Cedanna on November 8, 2009 1:52 PM
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