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Mad Men: "Love Among the Ruins" Preview

Tonight's episode of Mad Men aptly titled "Love Among the Ruins" delves deeper into what it means to love no matter what the cost. Following last weeks superb opening episode we really get into this years thread of change.

There are many unresolved issues at the forefront but don't expect any easy answers. In the premiere we were given some more insight into Don and we got to see the shocking scene of Sal and the bell boy, Peggy was virtually ignored. This week we'll get to see more of Peggy as she gets personally involved in an ad campaign that causes her lots of stress.

Betty's father pays a visit and you can count on his Alzheimer's to be worse; maybe he'll confuse her for his dead wife again and grope her some more. Meanwhile at Sterling Cooper, Lane's little game of pitting Pete against Ken is not going well as he seriously misjudges the effect on morale and productivity and the firm gets an unusual request from a client that makes things much, much worse. Roger is too busy to notice as his Stoli and cigars takes up most of his time. It seems like he's the one planning (and paying for) his own daughter's wedding which should make for a debauched affair.

Don tries to balance the crazy father-in-law visit and it's effect on Betty with trying to play interested employee with Lane. Don't they know that all of this stress puts a damper on his love life? There has got to be another socialite, stewardess, or beatnik out there waiting for him.

Of course the big question this past week remains unanswered. What happened to Duck?

Watch the 2nd episode of Mad Men tonight at 10 pm EST on AMC. Feel free to start a discussion below but in the meantime check out this sneak peak of Don and Betty out to dinner dinner with Lane and his snooty wife. Enjoy!

-- Janaki Cedanna

Posted by Janaki Cedanna on August 23, 2009 3:40 PM
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