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How I Met Your Mother Fodder

How I Met Your Mother: The Wedding Bride Review

Future Ted tells the kids that you find out in your thirties that everyone has baggage. Ted walks with a woman who suddenly has a huge suitcase that has 'in love with her ex' written on it. Later, at the bar, Ted says he has been having a good relationship with a woman named Royce. That's just a good guess on the spelling. He says the party will be over when he finds out the baggage. Ted reminds them of what happened with Stella.

Marshall says he has no baggage and everyone finds baggage with him, the 'worst' of which is that he is nice. We see him walking down the street and he is so nice to everyone.

Ted has such a good time with Royce until he takes her to a film and it's the one directed by Stella's husband. Of course, the film turns out to be about Ted and depicts him very badly. Everyone agrees that every single thing that Ted did romantically in real life was ruined in the film. At the theater, Ted doesn't understand why the audience loves the film. Royce asks him why Ted said "oh no" at the beginning of the film. He doesn't tell her about his own baggage.

Royce wants to go to the film again and everyone makes fun of the character based on Ted and he gets really upset, understandably. A little later, Marshall tells everyone that they need to realize that he is as nice as he is because of Ted. He runs to the movie theater and admits to Royce that he is the basis of the character while the movie is playing and everyone applauds as they kiss.

Posted by Gordon on May 17, 2010 8:53 PM
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