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How I Met Your Mother Fodder

How I Met Your Mother: Home Wreckers

Future Ted says that everyone has one or two moments in their life when they make a huge decision that changes their life. He says that one of those moments for him started off with a visit from his mother and the man she was dating (Clint) who was just a bit kooky -- and who called Ted son.

They announce they are getting married. At the wedding, the new father presents Ted with a portrait of them naked. He gets up on stage and sings an extremely erotic song that gets Robin to cry a little. Future Ted says that it's terrible being a single guy at his own mother's wedding. He disappears for nearly three days and apparently went to a real estate auction web site where he bought what he calls his dream house.

This may be the first episode of How I Met Your Mother that did not have the introduction music and titles. Ted talks about how great the home will be and everyone can't help but notice how dilapidated the house was (and rat infested as well.) Barney teases Robin about crying again and she says that he was one that cried and paid her to say that it was him.

They enjoy playing a game where they try to guess whether really stupid things that were done by the gang were done while drunk or while a child. Ted says that he has control over buying a house since he had no control over finding a wife and kids.

The house inspector tells Ted that there are dozens of extremely bad problems with the house and that he should not buy it and Ted says that he sees the house for having potential for greatness, not for having problems. He can see a life that he knows that he can have. At this point the ceiling collapses a little but nobody is hurt. (This isn't Days of our Lives, after all...)

Well, the inspector was a little hurt but not too badly. Ted admits that the house was a huge mistake. He feels everyone is moving on except for him and he is sick of it. Barney tells Ted that the reason he cried at the wedding was because he wanted to marry his mother.

Lily tells Ted that he has a great opportunity to bash the living hell out of a mistake so they all take turns attacking the wall with a sledgehammer.

Ted goes to see his mother and stepfather to give them the toast he didn't give at the wedding. A few days later, Ted finds Marshall on the deck grilling hot dogs. He tells him about some ideas that he has for the place. Future Ted tells us (and the kids) that the house in the story is the house in which they live.

Posted by Gordon on April 20, 2010 11:11 PM
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