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How I Met Your Mother Fodder

How I Met Your Mother - Of Course

Future Ted tells us about how Uncle Barney was pulled out from a river and was asked to explain what happened by the police. He tells her that it started a week prior when a woman walked into his bar and started flirting with him. The woman was Jennifer Lopez and it seems that she wasn't really interested in him.

A little later, Lily and Marshall are at the bar with Robin and they say she should be with her colleague. She wonders why and they say that Barney has moved on and is dating and couldn't be happier.

Barney tells them that he couldn't be more miserable and tells them what happened with the woman. Ted thinks it may be down to something he read in a book that Robin is reading about not being a slut and finding a man. He starts describing flirting techniques that the woman used and Barney remembers her using them.

Barney calls her out on this and then finds out that the woman won't sleep with him until the seventeenth date. It turns out that her name is Anita and she wrote the book.

Marshall fakes a falsetto and accepts a date from Robin's coanchor. They tell her what is happening with Barney and she says that she is the one that got Anita to go after Barney. It turns out that Anita was on Robin's show and explained how her book worked. Anita says that she will break Barney. Robin doesn't make the decision to get Anita on Barney until after she heard yet another long story from Barney.

Ted says that Barney has to wrap up seventeen dates worth of romance into one megadate -- or superdate, depending on who you ask. Ted explains what a superdate is through a montage song. Barney says that it sounds gooey and romantic.

Robin tells Marshall that she cancelled her date and he wonders what happened until Ted explains that he told Robin about the date. Lily, Marshall, and Ted tell Barney that Robin has been really in mourning since he broke up with her. Barney says he is going to find her and he does at the shooting range. She says that it sucks that she never got a superdate with him. Barney tells her to ask him for anything and she asks him not to have sex with Anita.

Barney sends Robin on a superdate with Don, her coanchor and then Barney has Anita ask him why they aren't on their date and he says he can't go out with her. She keeps on lowering the number of dates to have sex with him until she says she will sleep with him that night and he still says no. This leads to her whispering something in his ear and he goes and jumps in the river.

Everyone asks Robin how the date went and she says that it went very well and of course she slept with him.

Posted by Gordon on March 8, 2010 10:00 PM
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