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How I Met Your Mother Fodder

How I Met Your Mother: Jenkins

Future Ted warns us about how we must avoid certain places -- most of all, college bars. Of course this means that the episode starts in a college bar. Apparently Marshall has been playing skeeball at this bar. Marshall tells everyone that they're finally going to meet Jenkins and we learn about Jenkins, an impressive individual who apparently is a woman and also from Minnesota.

Ted gets the notion that Marshall might like Jenkins but he explains that he never told Lily that Jenkins was a man. Robin comes in and a guy seems to recognize him. Ted says that he is the one being recognized. The kid comes over and is more excited about Robin than his professor.

Lily goes to the office where Marshall works and Lily does not flip out that Jenkins is a woman. Later, Marshall seems upset that she wasn't jealous. Robin says that in every relationship there is a reacher and a settler. One reaches for a better relationship and one settles for the one they have.

Robin goes to Ted's class and apparently a lot of the class watches her show and they all watch it for their weird drinking game where they take a drink every time Robin says 'but, uhm...'

Marshall asks Lily what she thinks of the reacher / settler idea and she agrees with it but doesn't think that either is the reacher. Lily finally says that she is the settler. He is outraged by this later and Ted reminds him that she seemed interested into him when they were playing skeeball. Marshall goes to the office with a plan to make Lily jealous and out of the blue, Jenkins kissed him. He runs home and tells Lily what happened and she doesn't believe him.

Robin traps the people at the bar into drinking a lot by saying 'but um' a lot. Meanwhile, Jenkins apologizes for what happens and tells Marshall she will apologize to Lily. She goes to apologize to Lily and Lily kicks her butt.

Posted by Gordon on January 20, 2010 8:18 PM
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