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How I Met Your Mother: Girls Versus Suits

Future Ted tells the kids about when he met Rachel Bilson. Well, the character played by her. She tells him that she recognizes him from when he taught Economy 305 by accident, and thought he was a cute idiot. He asks if she dates cute idiots and she says that she exclusively does so.

Barney says he's sorry for him. Everyone notices a large line outside of MacLarens and they realize that there is now a hot female bartender. Robin says she wants to go somewhere else and Barney says that he has never been with a beautiful bartender. Barney lays out a plan for getting with the bartender.

Marshall says that he doesn't find the bartender to be attractive and Lily just doesn't buy it. Barney screws up things with the bartender.

Future Ted talks about how well the date started and how it was the first time he saw the beautiful bus that was sitting behind the kids. A model bus, that is. Ted asks about the roommate, to whom the bus belongs. The roommate, we are told, is the mother. Can you believe that?

Barney finds out that the bartender hates suits and vows to not wear them.

Ted finds out all sorts of information about Cindy's roommate. Cindy soon breaks things off with Ted because of school rules prohibiting relationships between student and teacher.

Barney starts going a little nutty without a suit and so he puts on one and then accidentally tears it just a bit -- he takes it to his personal tailor, television's Tim Gunn. He is unable to fix the suit but he transplants the buttons onto another suit. After Barney gives a moving speech about not giving up, Ted says he won't give up on Cindy. The bartender, meanwhile, leaves early because she feels badly for Barney's lost friend.

Ted goes to see Cindy. He tells her that he doesn't want to miss out on knowing her and she agrees. Ted picks up three things in the room that all happen to belong to her roommate and gets tossed out.

Barney's bartender lady interest finds his suit closet and forces him to choose between her and a suit. He chooses suits, of course - and then sings about suits. Then we find out that he actually chose her but told his suits that they were fine.

Posted by Gordon on January 11, 2010 9:31 PM
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