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How I Met Your Mother Fodder

How I Met Your Mother: The Window

Marshall brings in a box full of stuff his mother sent him including an old Mad Libs. Ted gets a phone call saying that the window is open and Ted runs out the apartment and bumps into a woman called Maggie. She says she had just broken up with her boyfriend and he asks to hang out. A little later, Ted tells everyone about how she was the ultimate girl next door that always was unavailable.

Marshall brings out a pair of overalls and everyone says that nobody could get laid in them and Barney says he will take it as a challenge. Ted realizes that he has a class to teach and he requests of Lily and Marshall to please make sure that Maggie stays single. They agree. Marshall feels terrible that he became a corporate sellout. He goes to do something and Lily goes to stop him.

Barney comes out wearing the overalls over his suit and Robin makes fun of him and makes farmer jokes.

Ted's class encourages him to go out with Maggie. Barney ends up being the capable hands taking care of Maggie and he gives Ted ten minutes to get back to the bar before the window closes. Robin gets the guy who worked with Maggie to a museum to get him away from Maggie and ends up revealing that she is single. He races back to Maggie and they all argue about her and then find out that she left.

They get to her apartment and find her with her former next door neighbor who moved away when he was a kid and they were in love. Future Ted tells us that Maggie ended up getting married.

Posted by Gordon on December 7, 2009 10:36 PM
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