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How I Met Your Mother: Last Cigarette Ever

Future Ted talks about how Robin used to be the host of an early morning news show until one day, something happened. She went to see Ted to tell him that she met a new co-host named Don Frank -- an industry legend. Ted says that she was going to sleep with the guy and then went to go smoke on the roof. We find out that Robin used to smoke a lot and that Marshall used to smoke as well.

Marshall kept on smoking now and again and kept on saying it was the last cigarette ever. The latest came when his new boss turned out to be the same as his former boss, who now does not remember him. Ted tells Marshall that Lily will find out.

Robin and her new coworker do not hit it off so well at first but then he tells her about working on a network. She doesn't understand how nobody has seen her show. Even Lily and Marshall don't watch it.

Marshall goes outside for some fresh air and his boss offers him a cigarette. He resists at first but then the boss says that he likes to bond with people over a cigarette so he takes one.

When Marshall gets home, Lily says that she knows he had a cigarette and he says that he has had three in twenty four hours. He talks about how he used smoking to bond with his boss. Lily demands the cigarettes from him and then lights one. It turned out that she used to smoke whenever Marshall fell off the wagon.

Ted and Barney decide they need to smoke to join everyone else. Barney lists different reasons for him to smoke. Then comes the point at which they reach a breaking point. Marshall's point is when his boss has a heart attack on the roof. Everyone agrees that they must quit smoking. Robin comes up and tells everyone that she has an interview with the mayor. She goes to light up a cigarette and they stop her.

Everyone gets irritable after they have not smoked for twenty six hours. Robin snaps at her co-anchor and calls him a lazy obnoxious loser and he says that the mayor cancelled. He offers her a cigarette on the air and she turns him down at first and then takes it from him. He says if any viewers are offended, they can call the station. Soon, Robin gets a call from everyone, who tells her not to smoke. Of course, they are all on the roof smoking soon. Robin comes home and tells them that they should have their last cigarette ever then.

Future Ted tells us when everyone's last cigarette ever really were. Ted's last cigarette ever was two weeks into dating his future wife.

Posted by Gordon on December 14, 2009 8:06 PM
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