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How I Met Your Mother Fodder

How I Met Your Mother: The Rough Patch

Future Ted tells the kids about how Barney went from making fun of relationships to being in one. Marshall points out that Barney has a relationship gut and Barney denies it. Barney has to give up his porn and Ted "accidentally" puts in the porn tape Archisexture. It turns out to be a message from Barney in 2005 asking Ted to get him out of a relationship if he is in one.

Everyone gets concerned that Barney has been overeating and Robin hates the way that he has been reacting. Lily says that they are just going through a rough patch. Marshall goes through an uncomfortable conversation with Barney and he says they get get them to break up.

They approach Lily and beseech her to break up Barney and Robin and manage refer to her as the Kraken. Ted thinks that if they get Robin to think that Barney wants to marry Robin that she will freak out and break up with him. Instead of this, they get engaged. Lily says that they have to get them to reignite the four worst conflicts of their relationship. Ted wants to e-mail them photos of the fights. Lily has an intricate plan for everything but it starts to go really badly.

After everything that Lily does in her plan, they end up kissing and they realize that they must be in love. A little later, Robin tells them that they broke up. We find out that Barney and Robin came to the conclusion that there was too much awesome.

After the breakup, Barney goes back to looking great and hitting on women.

Posted by Gordon on November 9, 2009 11:36 PM
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