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How I Met Your Mother Fodder

How I Met Your Mother: The Playbook

Future Ted tells us the secrets of dating and one of them happens to be being yourself. We pan over to Barney, who is wearing a scuba diving outfit. He tells us about how some people take breakups by diving into work, and then there is Barney, who took it by going back on the prowl for women. Barney shows everyone The Playbook, which is full of every strategy he has ever used or will ever use.

Barney explains a few of the techniques including his grand return to seemingly indiscriminate sex called the Lorenzo Von Matterhorn. Marshall asks Robin where her playbook is a little later and she shows them her two volumes.

Lily talks about how she is ready to introduce Ted to a girl she has been wanting to introduce to him for ages and he is very excited. They set up a date and she never shows up. The next day, the girl explains that she met an amazing man named Lorenzo Von Matterhorn. Lily goes later and calls Barney a rather ugly expression.

Barney explains that he pulled off the Lorenzo Von Matterhorn. It involves creating a web site with ones own name and then introducing oneself to an attractive woman with a great phone. Marshall asks if anyone has seen the SNASA entry which is all about Secret Nasa.

While Lily is reprimanding Barney, he tells her about the technique he was going to use that evening called He's Not Coming. Barney comes over later and says that the girl stole his playbook and Lily says that it was because she got her to do it. She says that it was an actress and threatens to put it on ebay unless he promises never to use any of its strategies again. He soon gets back into it with the scuba diver and is soon explaining to everyone why he was wearing it. They are also encouraging a woman named Claire to get a cup of coffee with him. Lily gets a text message from Barney.

The text tells her to look under the table. There is the page of the playbook containing the Scuba Diver, which is actually a complicated plot to get Lily to help Barney together with a girl by doing basically everything she has done in the episode - getting someone to steal the playbook, putting on the scuba diving outfit, breaking down and admitting to ones insecurities etc. She calls him that very same ugly expression.

Posted by Gordon on November 16, 2009 9:19 PM
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