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How I Met Your Mother Fodder

How I Met Your Mother: Bagpipes

Future Ted talks about how the upstairs neighbors love to play the bagpipes loudly. Of course, bagpipes is a kid friendly way of referring to sex. Ted goes to the bar to not listen to bagpipe and Barney goes to say he is concerned about Marshall's relationship with Lily because Lily asked him to clean the dishes right away. Marshall comes up and Barney expresses his concern.

Barney tells them how he handles fights - he just leaves. Robin handles conflict by getting naked. Marshall says that when problems come up, he and Lily work it out. Barney tells them how he would talk Lily into washing her own dishes. Marshall announces that he hates doing the dishes right away.

Robin comes in and Ted asks if it is true that they have never fought and Robin says that they argued over who was more awesome. After Robin and Barney leave, Ted and Marshall make a slap bet over whether Lily will be okay with Marshall not wanting to wash the dishes. Marshall shows up at Ted's and gets the slap right away.

The weekend ends and Robin and Barney come back ever so happy. Marshall and Lily had one argument that split off into many arguments. Marshall says that he should go and apologize and Barney talks him out of it. One might suspect that Barney enjoys their fighting. Ted tells Robin that the people upstairs are old.

Ted has Robin and Barney meet up with him in the bar and introduces them to Barney's downstairs neighbor. Apparently Robin and Barney fight all the time. They reveal that their no fighting thing ended when Robin couldn't strip and Barney couldn't run away. Barney and Robin go and tell Marshall and Lily about their problems and Marshall and Lily put aside their problems and realize that they love each other.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on November 2, 2009 11:30 PM
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