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How I Met Your Mother: Robin 101

Future Ted tells us about some of the names Barney was called and so many were used except for 'boyfriend.' Ted says that any word sounds strange if you say it repeatedly. Robin says that he has found Barney trying to leave by accident a few and then finds that he doesn't want to listen to her stories sometimes. After Ted reprimands Barney, he becomes extremely nice so Robin thinks that he is cheating on her.

Robin wants to get into Barney's briefcase but Lily stops her from trying. Marshall comes upstairs with a huge barrel and says he is going to put it in the Bermuda triangle, which is the spot in front of the apartment where things get taken away. Robin manages to get open the briefcase and finds a notebook full of notes about her. Marshall finds it to be curious and Future Ted tells us that the notebook was from a class that he taught -- Robin 101.

Barney apparently asked what sort of changes he would have to make to be a better boyfriend. This led to Ted teaching a course in front of Barney in his classroom. Barney doesn't seem to be paying attention. The second lecture comes along and it's all about facial expressions on Robin. The big important slide turns out to be really angry Robin.

Ted teaches three things to use to distract Robin when she is angry : The Vancouver Canucks 2004 Division Titles, Proper Gun Cleaning and Maintenance, and Emperor Penguins. All three of these get plenty of conversation out of Robin who is soon distracted from being angry about having three things like this written about her.

The next lesson is how Robin expresses intimacy, followed by intimacy zones and five things never to do around Robin. Ted gives Barney a quiz and he passes it. Then Barney makes a Dead Poet's Society reference, the second one I've seen in the last week. They realize the class is meeting at that very moment so they rush off to the classroom, where Ted is teaching about Robin being a cover hog.

Robin reveals that a lot of his notes are completely erroneous. Robin says that there's no point in trying to date if he can't go about it in an honest way. Later, Ted apologizes to Robin. She is impressed by how much he remembered. He says he liked using knowledge about her to good use. She asks for advice on her relationship with Barney and he says that he has never seen Barney work so hard to stay in a relationship.

Barney says that he has been with a lot of women but he is really afraid of losing Robin, which is why he did the course with Ted.

Posted by Gordon on October 5, 2009 8:06 PM
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