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How I Met Your Mother Fodder

How I Met Your Mother: The Sexless Inkeeper

Future Ted tells us about how he decides to change his look including a tweed coat. Barney makes fun of him for it. Marshall and Lily invite Barney and Robin over and we see how they have messed up couples nights in the past. Apparently they are terrible at couples nights. Ted talks about how he grades papers to an attractive woman and sadly, Marshall and Lily have differing views of how the evening went from Barney and Robin.

Barney and Robin review the evening for Ted. They even show off a web site that Marshall created for the evening. A woman leaves the apartment and says she had a great time and wanted to do it again soon. Barney tells Ted that he is the sexless innkeeper since the woman didn't have sex with him but slept in the apartment.

Barney tells Ted a poem story about how he, the previous year, slept at a woman's apartment who was really not attractive just so he wouldn't have any chance of getting home from Queens.

Marshall and Lily tell Barney and Robin that they booked a couples retreat in Vermont. Barney tells them a ridiculous story about the Navy and then Robin tells them the truth - they're not equipped to date others, so to speak. Later, Marshall and Lily have a cry about losing their couple. Marshall apparently sent too many songs with photo montages. These words cannot possibly describe the awesome nature of these songs. Marshall, however, thinks it was because Lily invited them to Vermont. Ted tells Robin and Marshall they need to apologize and they make fun of him.

They go to apologize but there are people over. A little later, Marshall and Lily come to the bar to meet up with their new friends. Robin and Barney go for a walk outside and see all the groups of couples out there. Ted comes in and tells them that they are a couple and miss Marshall and Lily.

Marshall and Lily find a ticking egg timer outside their door and find more and more that lead them to Barney and Robin, who say they want to give them the timer for Charades. They decide to bring them in from the rain.

Ted reads a poem to Barney about how he met a woman the previous evening and then had sex.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on October 12, 2009 8:20 PM
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