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How I Met Your Mother Fodder

How I Met Your Mother -- Dual Citizenship

Future Ted tells everyone about how Robin was a bit different because she was from Canada. Ted comes into the pub and tells Marshall how their favorite pizza restaurant was closing. Ted says that the trips they made to the restaurant were brutal since they were twenty two hours long and of course this means that they had to go immediately. The next day, Ted is excited because he gets some one on one time with Marshall.

Robin says she may get deported because of a fight. She has to take a test the following day. Marshall and Lily come over and of course, she is coming with them. Lily is in the back seat and it is obvious that things will not be as they were back in the day -- in this case, we flash back to 1999. Lily has to pee a lot.

Barney quizzes Robin and he says that they have to get the Canadian out of her. He shows her different images that are identifiable by Canadians. A little while later, she insults him and insists that she is right and he says that she is all American now. Robin walks past the Hoser Hut and decides to go in for a drink and ends up drunk and singing the Canadian anthem.

Just when Ted thinks that things can't get worse, they stop at an Inn which is meant for couples. Ted comes over to Marshall's room and asks if he wants to go and grab a beer and since Lily is sleeping he agrees. Of course Ted pulls out onto the highway and admits they are going to Chicago. Marshall protests that they just abandoned his wife but minutes later they are singing and having fun. They eventually get there and Marshall feels so guilty for leaving Lily that he ends up leaving. They make up in the car.

Barney tracks down Robin -- somehow in Toronto. She tells him that she doesn't want to take the test because she is Canadian and always will be. Robin gets told that she is not Canadian at Tim Horton's. This makes her quite sad. Barney has a good laugh at the money while Robin says she feels that she no longer has a country. Barney insults Canada and the store prepares to beat him up as a punishment. When they finally get back to Robin's, she says that she is going to be a dual citizen.

Lily didn't regret missing out on the pizza as she found out when Ted and Marshall crumpled over in pain from it.

Posted by Gordon on October 19, 2009 8:48 PM
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