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How I Met Your Mother Fodder

How I Met Your Mother - The Leap

Future Ted talks about how all architects have designs that change their lives. His happened to be a building in the shape of a cowboy hat. He talks about working really hard for three straight days and getting nowhere. Barney comes in and starts asking questions about Robin. Barney makes a suit metaphor. Ted tells him to tell the suit how he feels and then Barney hugs him.

Marshall tells Ted he needs him to get birthday beer and Ted wonders if there's a surprise party. Marshall pretends that there is no party. Marshall goes to the ledge to jump, but it was not how it seemed. A few years earlier, Marshall, Ted, and Barney spotted an amazing hot tub across the way from the rooftop. Marshall said he was going to jump but for three years never made the jump.

Lily tells him to get down and Marshall compares himself to Evel Knievel. Lily says that he can't jump because she's pregnant. Meanwhile, Ted notices that there's a goat in the apartment. Well, he thinks he notices one and then finds it in the kitchen. Ted calls Lily and says that the goat was in his apartment.

Robin tells Barney that she's in love with him and suddenly he is no longer in love with her. That's not great. Barney introduces Lily to a woman that got off the bus from Iowa. We then find out that Robin only told Barney what she did because she overheard him telling Ted how he felt so she isn't sure what to do. Marshall suggests that he do the Mosby and tell him that she loves him. Barney says that it is awesome that she's not in love with him but then whines, "Why not?"

Ted has some troubles with the goat eating things. Finally Ted takes the cloth away from him and he chases Ted. Marshall goes to get Ted but he has the goat on top of him. He has to get taken to the hospital where he recalls a deadly fight with the goat. The hospital orderly tells him that he shouldn't have made it with the goat.

Robin and Barney talk about what happened. Barney says he was hoping she felt the same way about him as he felt about her and she admits that there is something between them. She says that she has feelings for him. It gets comically absurd and then they go to do it somewhere.

Ted makes the presentation and it is a disaster. Lily makes the analogy between his being an architect and the goat wanting the cloth. She says that he should listen to what the world is telling him to do and take the leap. Marshall goes up to the roof and makes the jump. They then all jump, one by one. He talks about how everything in the year led to his teaching, and how teaching led to his meeting the mother who was in the class.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on May 19, 2009 8:19 PM
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