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How I Met Your Mother Fodder

How I Met Your Mother - Right Place Right Time

Future Ted talks about how, in May of 2009, he is close to signing his first client as an independant architect and he is willing to do anything, including dressing like a cowboy and telling his clients that he would design their restaurant to look like a cowboy hat. Ted tells Robin that this is a sick cosmic conspiracy. Robin suggests he go out to get a bagel and he's not immediately interested but he goes out and takes a yellow umbrella. Future Ted tells us about how the Universe makes sure that we will end up at the right place at the right time as a woman's hand taps Ted on the shoulder.

Future Ted talks about all the ways he could have ended up in different places. He mentions how Robin got sick thanks to food poisoning. She refuses to tell him where she got the food poisoning and it eventually comes out - Shlaigel's Bagels. He decided to turn left instead of not turning left and stopped at the magazine because Barney came into the apartment at one point to tell him that Petra Petrova from a particular magazine might be his 200th sex-with. Ted finds this disgusting and Barney compares it to invention and baseball. He also shows him a list of the first one hundred and ninety-nine. Marshall says that the number is way low because that would mean he has had sex with less than one percent of the people on whom he has hit. Meanwhile, Robin notices there's a double on the list and he realizes he has to have sex with someone else before he can have sex with Petra Petrova.

An hour later, Robin comments that she doesn't notice too much ethnic diversity. Barney stumbles back and says that he had sex with a body builder who always liked him. Because Barney mentions that the body builder would be in a magazine, Ted goes to the news stand. He then gives a dollar to a homeless person and explains that it all started with Marshall making enough charts and graphs that they hold an intervention. It seems that this leads to the gang throwing out his charts. Ted says that he will bring him his charts. He buys it from a homeless man who needs one million dollars - one dollar per day for one million days. That is why he ended up on that intersection with the woman that taps him on the shoulder. Future Ted says that if he had known where all of those little things would have taken him, he would have gone back and hugged all of those people.

Guess who ended up being the person who tapped him on the shoulder? Of course, it was Stella.

Barney meets up with the guy who bullied him when he was a kid and told him that he had sex with 100 women. It turns out the guy was completely lying and Barney spent his whole life having sex with women because of a lie. Barney still calls himself awesome. The guy leaves. He wonders what is next and then sees Robin standing at the bar, waving at him.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on May 4, 2009 9:09 PM
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