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How I Met Your Mother - As Fast As She Can

Ted says that when he ran into Stella seven months after she left him at the altar, there was just one way to deal with her. Apparently that way involves acting really surprised to see her. "What a nice surprise," he said. In the future, Robin tells him that he blew it while Marshall and Barney say that he did pretty well for himself since he played it cool.

Barney tells him he will get her back (and front) in a week and Ted says that he has moved on and that was all that mattered. Ted hears a knock at the door later and imagines it is Stella. In fact, it is not Stella but rather Stella's other fiance. He says that he felt really badly that he stole his fiance. He tells him that Ted looked awful and wants to make things right for him. He says that his family has a lot of money and wants to help.

Marshall asks if he wrote him a big fat check. Everyone makes references to how big this check could be but it turns out he offered him a job as a professor of architecture at Columbia University. Ted turns it down. Ted says that he is not going to take the job and requests a new topic. Barney says got a ticket and Marshall wondered why he didn't talk his way out of hit. Marshall talks about how he talked his way out of a ticket by inviting the policeman to a barbecue. Robin is intrigued by this. Barney says he can talk his way out of a ticket.

Tony comes back and tells Ted that a friend of his wants him to design him a house and hands him a big fat check.

Barney speeds and gets a ticket even though he gives a gift certificate. Robin says that she has never gotten a ticket and then Ted comes in and tells how the guy wants to design more or less sounds like a murder house. Just then, Ted notices that the steak is rare and then the guy asks for the laundry room to be sound proof.

Barney gets another ticket and Tony says that he feels he has to do this for Ted because he missed Stella when he wasn't with her and Ted assures him that it's not the case. Future Ted says he put it behind him. Of course the next evening, Stella comes to say that Tony broke up with her. She then explains how she was in love with Tony but then she got pregnant and they broke up. She forgot all about love until Ted came along but then Tony came back, etc, etc. She asks him to talk to Tony and change his mind back. She doesn't know what else to do because she loves him. Apparently Barney gets put in jail and Stella agrees to drive Ted to NJ to bail out Barney.

In the car, Barney asks about his new girlfriend who is French and has large breasts. Ted says she is fine. Stella apologizes for everything again and he says that he will speak to Tony and he does. Future Ted says that they go to California and Tony becomes a filmmaker. Back in the present, Ted says that he keeps waiting for it to happen for him the way it happened for Stella and Tony and Lily and Marshall. Out of the blue, Stella decides to tell him how she got out of a speeding ticket which was actually a joke and metaphor for waiting for the right person. This is when they say goodbye to each other.

Posted by Gordon on May 12, 2009 9:53 PM
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