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How I Met Your Mother Fodder

How I Met Your Mother - The Three Days Rule

Ted is talking with a woman at the bar. He shows everyone and Barney says that women whose names end in ly are crazy in bed. Ted says he's going to call her right away and Barney says he has to wait three days. Ted says he's going to just call her and wonders who came up with the three day rule. Barney says it was Jesus - if he had only waited one day to come back, nobody would have cared and nobody would have believed that it was a miracle.

Ted says he won't call her for three days but he decides that he will text her instead. He thinks he is going to send a text message that is cute but it seems lame after he sends it. He gets a message back from her saying that she appreciates his text and is in the bath. Robin calls him out on making the noise he only makes when he sees a naked woman.

They spend two days sending each other text messages. Robin says she is lying about what she is wearing because nobody wears a cheerleading outfit while reading an architecture magazine. He suddenly gets a text message that was clearly met for somebody else. It mentions getting food from a restaurant which is followed by sex.

Robin is at the bar when she notes that Marshall has food from that restaurant and she figures out that they are "Holly." They admit that they swapped Holly's number with Barney's work number and how the whole just kept moving on with all kinds of fun chicanery. Marshall wants to tell him the truth but Barney likes to keep on pushing it further. Barney and Marshall say that they were doing it for his own good. They remind him how quickly he moved with her. They point out all the things he wrote and then how they were interrupted by a man called Stan that gave them some great insight on things to write from Holly. Stan, though being quite brute in appearance, has a poetic soul.

Robin says that they have to apologize and they say that they will but instead they keep messing with him. Robin gets back and tells him the truth and he gets really upset until he realizes that he can mess back with them. He writes to them, saying that he sometimes has gay dreams about his best friend. They wonder why Ted would send such a text message and each thinks it is about them. They then argue about it for awhile.

Later at the bar, Ted says that he had a weird dream and then Future Ted explains how they wasted half an hour talking about architecture. Ted then gets on them for pretending to be Holly and then reveals that he called her when he found her work phone number. They go out for dinner and things don't work out but then Future Ted tells us that the kid's mother got called right away after he got her phone number.

Posted by Gordon on April 27, 2009 9:21 PM
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