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How I Met Your Mother Fodder

How I Met Your Mother - Murtaugh

Barney comes in and complains about how he was permanently banned from playing Laser Tag because he was a bit overzealous. Of course, it plays out like a police drama with the Laser Tag administrator being like the police commander and Barney being like a bad cop, like Mel Gibson in the Lethal Weapon films.

Marshall wonders what he is going to do and Barney says that he and Ted are going to tee pee the place and Ted says that he is not only not going to do it but he is adding it to the Murtaugh list. Someone asks what the Murtaugh list, and Ted explains how he has a list based on the Lethal Weapon character who likes to say, "I'm too old for this stuff." Robin tries comparing Lethal Weapon to some Canadian film. Marshall goes off to practice.

They wonder what practice is and Lily explains that he is the coach of a kindergarden basketball team. It turns out that Marshall is an extreme coach. Lily points out that he's being harsh and that the point of playing is to have fun.

She says that everyone will get a trophy and he is confused. She wonders how he learned to do things this way and he talks about his father. She ends up yelling at him not to do this anymore and he reluctantly agrees. At the game, the other team starts crushing them because he is telling them to have fun. When Marshall gets permission to do things his way, they still lose.

Barney says that the Murtaugh list is fun and a good weekend and Ted says that if he did the whole list, he would die. Barney takes this as a challenge and starts doing things on the list including getting his ear pierced.

Barney brings in a futon and says it is for the list. Apparently he already has an ear infection. He sleeps on the futon and hurts his back. He then gets a shot with strangers. Robin points out that being old isn't that great and he disagrees.

Robin makes a list for Ted - a list of things he is too young to do and the bet now becomes to see who will finish their list first. At four thirty in the morning, they are at a club for Barney to do a couple more things on the list and apparently Barney is really sore. They get him back to the apartment and set him up with a beer bong, the last thing on the list. He gives up and says that he is going to never do anything on the Murtaugh list.

Ted says that he couldn't sleep and watched all four Lethal Weapons and realized that Murtaugh kept on doing stuff even though he said he was too old for it, so he tears up the list and says they should go to Laser Tag.

They go to Laser Tag and get caught, of course. The Laser Tag administrator sighs and says that he is too old for that stuff.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on April 2, 2009 6:55 PM
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