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How I Met Your Mother Fodder

How I Met Your Mother: The Stinsons

Lily points out three drunk blond women at the bar and Barney says that he actually is on his way out. He goes to the restroom and Ted and Marshall point out weird things that may point to Barney having a girlfriend. He says he is leaving and they think that he is meeting his girlfriend. They get in a cab and follow him to a house which is not even in Manhattan. It apparently is his mother's house. Suddenly a woman comes out and he introduces his wife and then a child comes out and he introduces his son.

His mother tells them everyone's welcome for dinner. Barney explains that his mother wanted her son to get married and so he had hired the woman to be his wife. He then had to hire someone to be his son. Barney makes a comment about how bad of an actor the kid is. Ted tells the woman playing the wife that she's a great character. He says that he wishes he were an actor.

The kid actor plays games while Barney's mother tells nearly everyone but Barney that she was a dirty whore, but she had lots of fun. It turns out that is where Barney got his personality. Marshall and Lily tell Barney that he has to be honest with his mother. Marshall and Lily then tell each other some truths about family feelings. Barney yells at Tyler for not memorizing his lines and Lily asks if they have a scripted dinner.

We then see a dinner which is clearly well scripted scene and the dessert is ruined when Barney's mother finds Ted kissing Barney's wife. Barney asks Ted how he could do it to him. Tyler cries out that he doesn't want his mother and father to get divorced. We go over the rules that Ted learned including improvising and writing a great back story along with getting physical. Ted gets accolades and Barney finally tells his mother the truth. Actually, he lies again at first and then tells the truth. He says he wanted her to be proud of him. His mother says she doesn't like his wife or kid or his fake friends. She loves him no matter what.

She tells him that he should take a chance on someone if they come along and of course that's when Robin comes in.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on March 3, 2009 9:12 PM
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