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How I Met Your Mother Fodder

How I Met Your Mother - Sorry, Bro

Future Ted talks about how Robin has to get up at one forty-five in the morning and the gang asks who watches news so early and they make jokes. Robin asks what is new and everyone says that it is the same old, same old, and Ted says that his ex-girlfriend was in town. Apparently Lily and Marshall did not care for her as she was a douche. Marshall says that Ted became a douche zombie around the ex.

Barney tells Robin that nothing is funnier than what happened to Marshall. Apparently some guy was injured on the basketball court and while getting his worth clothes out, he realizes that he forgot his pants.

Ted thinks he should call Karen, his ex, since she is new in town. Apparently they would break up over her cheating on him and he kept on getting back together with her. After everyone says that he shouldn't call her, he says that he already did. Then he admits that he is going to have lunch with her.

Barney gives four reasons why people have lunch with their exes. They tell him he should cancel and he says that he already had the lunch. He tells them about lunch and describes it as being great. He of course ends up kissing her. They realize that he must have taken her back to his apartment. Ted says that Lily is mad because Karen stared at Marshall while Lily was painting him.

Barney points out that Karen was Ted's life pre-Stinson. Marshall says that Karen is going to cheat on him and then the guy is going to say, "Sorry, Bro". In fact, just the opposite happened. Karen was cheating on some guy and Ted got to say, "Sorry, Bro." Marshall says that he was complicit in breaking someone's heart.

Marshall talks about how Lily came to the office to bring him his pants. Lily gives the pants to Barney to give to Marshall so he cuts huge holes in them. Ted tells about how he pretty much told off Karen and even gave her a "Sorry, Bro." Ted says that later, Karen took his advice. Lily wonders how it's possible that he knows this since he told her he would never see her again and he quickly explains that they got back together and that they see eye to eye and so could everyone please be cool?

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on March 9, 2009 9:11 PM
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