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How I Met Your Mother - Old King Clancy

Future Ted talks about how he was hired to do work for Goliath National Bank and that his ideas were crushed until a new task force was assigned. It seemed to be going well until one day in the elevator, a woman that he was trying to impress tells him that the project was scrapped a month earlier.

Barney says he would nail Scarlett Johansen. Robin says that she went home with a celebrity once and that he wanted to do a freaky thing and Lily wants to know who it is. Robin tells them that the person was Canadian and he collected something and then wanted to do a mysterious sex act. Barney shows them a web site where such acts are listed.

Ted comes in and asks about what happened and they explain that they had found out but when they realized that Ted's job depended on it, they got people to pretend to be a task force. The lying is relegated to Barney because he can lie a lot better. Ted of course is furious that they lied to him. He says that it was his dream job and that it was now gone.

Lily starts taking guesses at who it was, what they collected, and what they wanted to do along with Barney and Marshall. None of them guess correctly. Ted comes back and they talk about how they got the task force together. Each person on the task force comes from different parts of the company or is homeless. He realizes that it also explains an interaction he had with Luisa which she didn't understand as she didn't speak English.

Ted says that he would never lie to his friends and Barney mentions Marshall's open mike night when he listed fish. Marshall doesn't understand how they weren't amused. Ted says he will probably get fired.

Barney and Marshall tell Ted the following morning that the people at GNB will want him to make a new room on the 20th floor like the one on the 18th floor - a room where people get fired. We see a clip reel of people getting fired. Ted comes up with some great ideas for the room on the 20th floor. Bilson tells Ted that he loves the idea and when he takes Ted to the room, he fires him.

Lily continues to guess and then gives up. Robin wonders why they really want to know and finally tells them - well, she writes it down. The Frozen Snowshoe, Old King Clancy, Harvey's Trays. The celebrity was the wrestler The Frozen Snowshoe, a collector of Harvey's Trays, and the sex act was Old King Clancy.

Ted comes in and tells them that he quit because he realized he didn't want to work for corporate drones. Then he relates that he actually got fired but got a nice severance package.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on March 25, 2009 10:08 PM
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