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How I Met Your Mother Fodder

How I Met Your Mother - Front Porch

Future Ted talks about how his friends weren't excited that he was with his ex-girlfriend Karen in March of 2009. Ted tells them that he calls the shots in his life. Marshall talks about why he thinks Ted is with Karen. Robin wonders why they haven't watched her show and they make plans to watch it that Friday. That Friday, everyone is bummed that they are so tired but then Ted comes in and announces that Karen broke up with him. Everyone is happy to hear that.

They ask him to tell them what happened and he says that she suspected he was cheating on her with Robin. Barney comes in wearing a pajama that looks like a suit. They wonder about it and he says that he wants to look his best at all times. Marshall wears a night gown and suddenly Ted happens to find one of Robin's earrings on Marshall and Lily's dresser - finding one of Robin's earrings in Ted's bed was what caused Karen to break up with him. Lily says she put it up to break them up.

Lily talks about how she imagines the future as sitting on the front porch and does not think of Karen as someone who would pass that test. Meanwhile, a lot of outrageous things keep happening on Robin's show. Barney asks why Marshall is wearing that night shirt and he gives five perfectly good reasons. A man on Robin's show show has a heart attack.

Lily admits that she may have broken up some of his relationships. She even admits that she broke up Ted and Robin. Then Barney comes out in a night shirt. Ted asks how she could do it and then Robin comes in looking rather haggard. We flash back to April of 2007 and show how Lily did it. She asked them independently to plan their futures five years from then.

The following night, Karen approaches him and kisses him. Lily, so to speak, fixed it. Unfortunately for Karen, she then slandered Lily, so to speak. Ted ends up having dinner with Robin and proposes that she be his backup wife. They even set up some ground rules for each other.

Barney answers the door and an attractive woman is there. She looks at him in the night shirt and says, "Never mind," while walking away.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on March 17, 2009 9:29 PM
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