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How I Met Your Mother Fodder

How I Met Your Mother - Three Days of Snow

Marshall and Lily used to have a tradition of picking each other up from the airport. Lily tells Marshall not to pick him up this time.

Barney and Ted make plans to meet up with a couple of college aged girls. The girls say that they are in a band and a blizzard is coming. Future Ted says that the blizzard of 2009 was astonishing. There are three stories that come from it. The following evening, the bar is set to shut down thanks to the blizzard. The owner of McLarens lets them have the key.

We go back to when Ted and Barney first thought of how great it would be to own a bar. Things don't go so well but they spill a few drinks. Things go even worse when it turns out that the band is a marching band. At a certain point they realize that they have to ring last call even though their ideal bar did not include last call.

Robin tells Marshall that she can't believe that he isn't meeting Lily at the airport and what if she comes with the beer? He imagines her running off with someone else that likes beer and he rushes off to the airport. She drives him to the airport and they discuss rituals. They start arguing and she pulls over just long enough that they get buried by a snow plow. Marshall admits that perhaps the only reason he and Lily have rituals is because that is all they know.

Lily sits next to an elder woman and tells her that their relationship has matured. The woman says that it's nice but what if he comes expecting his six pack? She imagines him running off with a woman that came with beer. She tries to find beer and randomly comes across the limo driver that has been in just about every single episode of HIMYM with a limo. He wants to help her find a six pack so she can meet up with Marshall at the airport with said six pack. They end up getting a keg because that's all they have.

Marshall goes to meet up with Lily but he doesn't see her. He finds out that her flight was delayed until Thursday. Of course, by Thursday, he has already decided that not seeing her was a sign and that he wasn't meant to pick her up. Lily sits alone in the airport and slowly a band trickles in and plays auld lang syne. Marshall comes in and they embrace and she apparently is quite impressed and wants it as their new ritual.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on January 19, 2009 9:47 PM
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