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How I Met Your Mother Fodder

How I Met Your Mother: Bargains

Robin and Ted argue about how Robin is like Ogre from Revenge of the Nerds. Then they end up sounding like a married couple and they find that unusual and decide that when they were having sex, it was much better. They are reminded of Barney's theory of world peace by sex. Ted and Robin joke that they should perhaps have sex and then do, and decree that they won't tell anyone and both agree. Then Marshall agrees. Oops!

Marshall wonders if they are back together and they explain that they are having sex to avoid fighting. This leads to them talking about Marshall reading magazines while using the facilities and why he has to do it at Robin and Ted's. They agree not to take back the key in exchange for his silence about the sex but this doesn't last too long.

Lily says that it's not a good idea and Barney of course is displeased. Lily tries to get it out of him that but he won't and she suggests going to a therapist. He says he would only pay a prostitute that kind of money.

Barney keeps getting reminded of what Ted is doing and breaking monitors outside the bar. He even has to buy one since they run out of monitors in the trash. Marshall finds out that everyone on the eighth floor of his building was laid off so he goes to use the toilets there.

Ted leaves for work and gives Robin a kiss and they both have an uh-oh moment right around the same time. He tells Marshall and Barney what happened and says that he probably blew it even though it was most likely a reflex from when they were dating. Lily tells Robin that it was weird. They both agree that they should end it and shake on it. The whole cycle is repeated over again when Ted finds empty milk in the fridge.

When Ted finds Barney in the apartment, having stocked the fridge with milk, bought a dishwasher, and a thousand stamps, he accuses Barney of being in love with Robin. Ted says he won't freak out if Barney admits to having feelings and he doesn't and leaves.

Marshall realizes that when he changes his attitude about taking magazines into the toilet, he makes everything better. Instead of imagining people disparaging him, he imagines that they praise him for being bold. He tells Barney that sometimes a man has to man up and take charge.

Barney goes to tell Ted the truth but it doesn't work out. Future Ted makes an allusion to Barney getting hurt at the end as they all sit over drinks.

Posted by Gordon on January 12, 2009 9:34 PM
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