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How I Met Your Mother Fodder

How I Met Your Mother - Little Minnesota

Robin comes into the bar and Ted asks why he has no coat. Marshall says that the weather is lovely.

Ted says his sister just arrived and intends on moving to New York. He tells about how Heather is really irresponsible. Barney calls and Ted says he will never let Barney meet his sister. We flash back to holidays of Barney singing about wanting Heather.

Heather and the gang go home and find Barney waiting there for him. They thought he wouldn't be there since they tried to throw him off track. He introduces himself to Heather.

Barney takes Ted into the kitchen and says he's disappointed that he never got to meet Heather until tonight. Ted says he doesn't trust either of them. Barney gets ready to go and Ted stops him and invites him to dinner with them.

Robin goes with Marshall to a Minnesota themed bar with Marshall. They order miniature burgers, which of course are enormous. They talk about football. She is about to say something about Canada and Marshall tells her not to mention being from Canada. They watch as someone gets kicked out of the bar. A few days later, Marshall walks in on Robin telling a story which of course she stole right from Marshall. She finds out that they make fun of Canada in the bar.

When Robin beats Marshall's high score in his favorite video game. Marshall angrily yells out that Robin is Canadian and they want to kick her out so she angrily defends Canada and how great it is. Marshall catches up with her and they mutually apologize. She says that she wishes she could be in Canada for an hour. He takes her to a bar where it is just like Canada and all is wel.

Heather says she wants Ted to cosign a loan and Barney brings up the fact that he works at Goliath National Bank. Ted and Lily discuss the situation and Lily says she will spy on Barney and Heather. Lily a few days later mentions that Heather had sex with Barney and she walked in on Heather getting dressed. Not too long afterwards, Ted confronts them for having sex. Barney tells them that they faked having sex just to trick them. Heather says she is going to find a hotel room.

As Heather packs to leave she finds that Ted bought her briefcase. He tells her to look inside and she sees that he cosigned the lease.

Marshall sings Robin's song at the bar. Hooray!

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on December 16, 2008 9:04 PM
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