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How I Met Your Mother Fodder

How I Met Your Mother: Happily Ever After

After Ted runs into someone from his past that he wanted to avoid, everyone talks about how they have in their past avoided people. We unfortunately start ten minutes into the show due to a slight technical problem but I'm sure we can enjoy the last twenty or so minutes together, right?

Lily talks about how she had a colleague in grade school who had the odious (oderific?) nickname of Gasser, and how she wouldn't have any problem approaching him even though they had a bit of a rocky past, so to speak.

I should mention that everyone is hiding under a table at a restaurant. The waiter asks if they are okay and Ted says they are going to eat under the table. Everyone says that it's ridiculous.

Barney says that he wouldn't hide from anyone and Ted asks if this applies to Becca Delucci. They ask about her and he says she was in prison so it seemed a perfect relationship. On the last time he visits he says that he messed things up and we see as he goes from Becca to another woman, who is then assaulted by Becca. Apparently now he gets mail from her saying he will be hung by her rear view mirror.

Marshall peeks up and sees that Stella is gone so they go up but they quickly go back since she returns. Barney has managed to sneak off. Robin says that she wouldn't speak to her father if he came in and it apparently went back to when she was born since her father wanted her to be a boy but that got pretty difficult as she got older. Incidentally, her father was brilliantly played by Eric Braeden of The Young and the Restless. She wonders what she would say to him and she lets out a lot of upset feelings.

Ted says that he is going to go and talk with her but she is gone, and so he runs after her and gets into a taxi. Everyone is excited that he is going to confront her but they aren't pleased with his plans to just talk with her. He realizes that she is going to Tony's and he gets infuriated and ready to yell. Lily points out that he only has one shot so he shouldn't mess it up.

He says he knows exactly what to say. He goes up to her and says she picked the wrong guy and made a bad choice. He says that she has no choice but to start her crappy disappointing life with him since it's over with him. He just wants her to know that she made the biggest mistake of her life. Of course it was in his head and when he sees how happy Stella was to greet Tony and her daughter and he decided to let go of his anger.

Posted by Gordon on November 3, 2008 8:45 PM
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