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How I Met Your Mother Fodder

How I Met Your Mother: Woooo!

Woooo.jpgFuture Ted talks about how Robin treasured her friendship with Lily in the fall of 2008 since she was unemployed. Robin asks to have some girl time with Lily since Marshall always "talk block"s her. Barney approaches and says that Ted will soon decide Barney to be his best friend.

At work, Barney's boss says that they want to build a new building for Goliath National Bank. They are thinking of going to the Sven Collective for the architecture. Barney tells him that the job should go to a hard working American firm. Barney suggests Ted Mosby. He suggests that they can engage in conference calls which is apparently a different way of saying that they would drink beer on the roof.

Future Ted said that he had always wanted to contribute to the NY skyline. He explains how great it felt it great to work on the building and soon the morning of the presentation came. Unfortunately, the board decided to go to Sven for the design.

Lily and Robin go to the bar to meet Lily's friend and it turns out that her friend is one of a number of "woo girls." Future Ted tells us about woo girls, who love to yell woo. Barney comes in and explains the importance of woo girls. Without them, for example, the tiny cowboy hat industry would be relegated to tiny cowboys.

Ted sits in the bar with Barney et al and Barney says that they wouldn't budge from Sven. Ted says that he thinks that he probably needed this job more than he thought. Marshall suggests urinating on the building.

Marshall confronts the boss and says that Ted should have been chosen. Bilson says that he voted for Ted so Marshall realizes it must have been Barney's fault. He takes him up for a conference call and Barney admits that after Ted's presentation, Sven put on a presentation that involved pop music. It was also a building that was shaped like a T-Rex that breathed fire. Marshall yells at him and locks him out on the roof.

Robin and Lily suddenly analyze the woo girls and how sad they really are. Lily says she will make quality time for Robin. Meanwhile, Barney comes back and tells Ted that he got the account. Marshall says it was Bilson's fault to begin with.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on November 17, 2008 9:14 PM
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