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How I Met Your Mother Fodder

How I Met Your Mother: The Naked Man

Everyone has an opinion on how long it takes to get over a breakup. Ted says that he thinks it is just about as long as it takes to get interested in someone else in a significant manner. Future Ted tells us about how you don't just jump right in but slowly talk to people. We see Ted talking to a woman, giving her ever more information until he spills a lot

Future Ted talks about weird things that he walked in on culminating with walking in on a man named Mitch who was naked. Ted says that he wasn't expecting anything because of the lack of door tag. Ted then goes downstairs and when he hears that the date wasn't going so well, he goes back upstairs and confronts the man who says that it is his strategy. Mitch says it works two out of three times and Barney doesn't believe it.

Ted tells everyone downstairs and they run up to stop it but it is too late. Barney, a little later, says he is excited about the naked man technique. He says he has been wasting his time with the gadgets whereas Mitch is just like Superman. Robin explains how the naked man technique just worked. Marshall says it is a bit slutty because the only thing that separated her from sex with Mitch was clothing. Marshall says the only reason to have sex with someone is love and all of them tease him.

Lily says that there are at least fifty reasons to have sex with someone and they start listing them. One of them brought up by Barney is curiosity sex. They come up with forty-six and Marshall says he's getting sad. Robin once again says that it wasn't about the nudity and Barney says that they have to do the naked man. Ted isn't sure he's interested.

Robin calls Mitch, Ted goes out with the woman, Barney goes to try out the naked man, and Lily tries to finish the list. Of course when Barney starts getting naked he calls Ted and finds out that he is also trying the naked man.

Ted talks about how the date with Vicky took a bad turn when she turned out to be kind of cruel. They discuss poses and pose appropriately.

Robin does a lot of talking during the next date but Mitch tells her that she only slept with him for doing the naked man.

Ted finds a book of love poems and when he finds out that it's not her and then he takes off his clothes. Lily takes off her clothes, and so does Barney. At the end of the evening it turns out that only Barney failed - after all, two out of three work but the other one does not.

Later, Barney finds a suit sale. Of course they are all revolting.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on November 25, 2008 9:30 PM
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