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How I Met Your Mother Fodder

How I Met Your Mother: Not A Father's Day

Barney says that he is one scotch and soda away from the Cantina scene in Star Wars. Everyone thinks that the women in one corner are hot and Barney says that it is the cheerleader effect - being together makes them look more attractive. He encourages them to look at them individually. They suddenly look frightening.

Barney receives a mysterious phone call and then announces that he is going to be a father. Ted asks how it happened and Barney says that he was with someone a few weeks back. He wonders how anyone would want babies. Marshall and Lily look at each other and Future Ted says that Marshall and Lily apparently had baby fever.

Robin, of course, was sleeping on their couch and was unemployed. They then ask if Robin will stay with Ted for one night.

Barney goes to church and asks the good Lord to get him out of his bind and he will never ever... but then the phone rings and he dances on the street and goes to tell Marshall that he is not a father. He decides that the day will be a holiday. Marshall's boss comes in and reminds him of the meeting that evening.

Lily gets Ted and Robin over to figure out if they are ready to have a baby. Based on her portraying actress being pregnant, I would say yes. Was that a spoiler? Sorry. Lily is worried that Marshall only sees what is cute about the baby and Lily is serious about how all of the work will fall on her thanks to Marshall working. Lily says that she had them both over because they contrast each other. Ted is a natural father and they give reasons why this is the case including that he does something with waitresses that only corny fathers do. I guess I had a corny father growing up.

Barney comes in to show Marshall that his new holiday is going well and even has its own web site, - yes, it is real. It has lots of things to buy of course and is sponsored by Goliath National Bank.

Lily finds a sock and decides she wants to have a child. Ted and Robin argue over how she could have just made this decision based on a baby sock and she sneaks out and goes to see Marshall, who is getting ready for the meeting.

In a cab, Robin argues against children and we see Lily being very baby like for being drunk. They decide that Robin should stay somewhere else for the weekend.

Marshall gives the presentation and meanwhile, Lily dances around nearly naked.

Robin's phone rang and Ted answered it and found the sock in Robin's purse. They discuss how rough things have been for her and he invites her to live with him for awhile. Barney is quite happy with his childless group and they point out it is the cheerleader effect. He looks at them individual and sees drunken losers.

Lily tells Marshall that he took great care of her and she knows that he will be a great dad. He says he wants to have kids some day but not yet. How about that. I was wrong.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on November 11, 2008 9:04 PM
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