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How I Met Your Mother Fodder

How I Met Your Mother: Intervention


Everyone discusses Barney's newest plan. He comes in looking really old, telling a woman that she will save humanity if she sleeps with Barney from the past.

Robin and the rest of them discuss how it seems like it's the end of an era. Robin is moving to Japan and Ted is moving to New Jersey.

Barney comes back and the woman wants to buy him a drink of course.

Ted shows a photo album and Robin says he should have thrown it out. Lily tells Ted that pretty much all of his stuff is junk. Marshall asks for his part of the deposit and Ted asks why. We flash back to different ways in which the apartment was damaged including the scorch mark over the fireplace.

The scorch mark over the fireplace started with an intervention for their friend Stewart. They did so well that they throw another one for Marshall, who keeps on wearing a ridiculous hat. Apparently interventions became regular, including one for Lily's fake English accent, Robin's spray tan addiction and Barney's magic tricks involving fire which left the scorch mark.

Ted found a new intervention banner and letters with his name on it. He figures out it was about Stella and says that they clearly don't think he should marry Stella. They say they are rooting for him and he says they agreed they wouldn't have any more stupid interventions.

Barney comes in and, noticing the intervention banner, reads out loud his letter which includes burning up the letter. Lily's letter was switched with a note he was supposed to send home with a kid. Robin actually didn't write one. Marshall's letter was about his not knowing her well enough and that he was rushing into it. He insists that it was written months ago. Ted says they had valid concerns and they counter argue.

Ted takes out some of his stuff and decides he is going to unpack and never leave the apartment. Lily says that he's just freaking out. Ted says he will become an old man. Lily worries that he has snapped and they have to take care of it. Marshall tells Ted that cold feet are part of moving but suddenly he wants to not ever move out. Soon Lily is aboard the non-moving boat. Robin calls them all cowards and then announces that she can't move to Japan. Ted suggests going to their bar and have their drink.

They see Barney in his old age costume and suddenly Ted says they are going to do what they said they are going to and put aside money for the most expensive scotch. A year later, they buy the most expensive scotch and toast the previous year and Lily suggests they go to the apartment upstairs. WOW, that is really suggestive of what changes and what really does not change.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on October 15, 2008 9:33 PM
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