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How I Met Your Mother Fodder

How I Met Your Mother: I Heart NJ


Ted bemoans missing a lot in life because Stella lives in New Jersey. Stella suggests getting her friends to go with him and everyone gives various reasons for not going including that Ted hates New Jersey. Ted says that when he and Stella get married he will never have to step foot in NJ again short of a few things including burying a body and Lily tells Ted that if he kills her and buries the body in NJ, she will haunt him forever.

Future Ted talks about how Robin was sick of her job for so many reasons. She finally got the national anchor job that she had been wanting for a long time. Her first night, everyone agrees to go to New Jersey and they get bored immediately since Stella can't find a sitter. Ted wonders if it isn't all about spending time with friends. Stella invites them to the coolest bar in the state which is, in fact, her basement.

Stella suggests Scrabble and then mentions that the X tile is a little messed up due to it passing through the late dog. She suggests that they get another dog when he moves in with her. He doesn't understand how this is possible.

Robin comes in and says that she didn't actually get the job, just the audition. Apparently she missed out on a lot of the conversation when she put down the phone to have a celebration dance.

Stella tells everyone not to drink the beer and suggests that Ted go to one of those large stores that require membership to get in. They run into a couple who moved from New Jersey that says that they last went to New York recently - but recently turns out to be six years ago.

Robin races back to New York and, with the help of a kid's bike, does amazing things and makes it back to her desk right on time. She makes one last bad pun and decides that she really is going to quit.

Ted comes back with the beers and no membership and they discuss the move idea and end up arguing about which is better, New Jersey or New York. Marshall ends up saying that he doesn't really love New York. He feels that he doesn't fit and it is too loud. Ted says they can live in Brooklyn and Stella tells him that he can live wherever he wants.

Ted goes after Stella but ends up reading a bedtime story to Lucy, Stella's daughter. He puts her right to sleep and then finds Stella and tells her that he is going to move there and that New Jersey wins.

Robin comes to the bar and announces that she didn't get the job but she got a foreign correspondence job and is moving to Japan.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on October 7, 2008 8:02 PM
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