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How I Met Your Mother Fodder

How I Met Your Mother: Do I Know You?

Know-You.jpgFuture Ted tells the kids about how the longest pause you will ever experience is the one after proposing as you just imagine every possible response out there. He says that if you are lucky, she will respond with the single greatest word in the English language - yes. That is how Stella responds. He talks about how he spent the summer, what with Marshall not working, Barney being in physical rehab after his bus accident, and Lily working on her painting. Marshall coped with unemployment in a silly way and Robin gets the feeling that she is just a boogey man with a teleprompter. Barney thinks it's hilarious but nobody else is amused by the joke.

Lily comes over to Barney's at seven twenty in the morning but he won't say what is up until finally he admits that he is in love with Robin. He says it is like a disease that he caught; feelings, that is. She says feelings are good and he says that everything reminds him of Robin including sleeping with other women. Lily says he has to stop messing around if he is going to be her boyfriend and he says he doesn't want to be a boyfriend and then proceeds to describe a pretty tight relationship as what he wants without calling it that.

Marshall asks a few things about Stella but he doesn't seem to know the most rudimentary thing. He suggests getting to know her better and Ted says that he just knows that he loves her. A little later he serves up a nice dinner for Stella and she says she loves a good home cooked meal. The secret ingredient, peanuts, puts her on an ambulance.

Lily tells Barney that calling Robin is not at all like making a booty call. He flashes back to making booty calls at progressively later hours, which require progressively fewer words. Robin calls him back since he called her and squeeked and he asks her why she called. Obviously she tells him it's because he called first. Lily says he should ask something personal. He asks when she first got her period and then Lily says he should ask her out but instead of doing so he hems and haws and says he has to go. He tells Lily he was just playing a practical joke and then says they won't speak of it again.

Ted and Stella go back and forth trading interesting information about each other such as the first movie ever seen ('Benjy' for Stella) and when he finds out that she has never seen Star Wars he goes on to tell Marshall, who says that the only people who haven't seen Star Wars are characters in Star Wars. They soon agree that if Stella doesn't like Star Wars, they can't get married. This is after watching it once. (121 minutes? I didn't realize it was that long.)

Ted invites Stella over to watch Star Wars and from the start she skips over the crawl introduction. At some point she tries making out with him and she figures out he wants her to like it. she banishes him to his room. Marshall, of course, scares her when he pops up. Back in his room, Ted takes a peek and then she texts him saying that they should stop watching her watch it. She comes in soon and says that she loved it. After Ted high fives his past self he goes to get champagne and then Stella admits she didn't like it at all. She can do a damn good job of pretending, though.

Barney takes Robin out and she tries to get him to make raunchy jokes but it just doesn't happen and she wonders who he is. She tells him that she wants to get a better job and he says that she has to apply. Robin goes to be his wing woman and he tells the woman after Robin leaves he tells the woman that he is in love with Robin.

Barney tells Lily that he loves bimbos and therefore chooses them over Robin. After Lily leaves in disgust, he looks at Robin reading the news. How sad. I hope he ends up going for Robin.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on September 22, 2008 9:02 PM
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