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How I Met Your Mother Fodder

How I Met Your Mother - Miracles

Future Ted tells us that this is the story of the cab ride that changed his life. He misses a few cabs due to tying his shoes and apparently this cab ride changed his life, but we must first back up. Ted walks into the apartment and says he wants a beer. Ted says something bad happened - he got an invitation to a wedding which was to be six months in the future and he realized it was a violation of Barney's principle of not planning anything more time in the future than the length of the relationship. This of course made Ted uncomfortable which somehow led to Ted breaking up with her. Lily slaps Ted and he says that he is being the good guy.

We go back to the cab ride. Apparently the cab in which Ted got happened to get hit by a car and so everyone gets calls to come immediately, including Marshall who comes with the guitar from Guitar Hero. Barney is not there. Curiously, he does not seem all that injured. Ted says that he wants Stella back but the people at the hospital say that he can't leave before they run some tests on him. Marshall says it was a miracle and Robin says there are no miracles. Marshall reminds everyone of the time that a pencil went up Barney's nose.

Lily says she wants to tell Barney and Ted insists that he won't care. Lily calls Barney and he hangs up on her when he mentions Ted. Barney runs out of his meeting to get to Ted. Marshall tells another miracle story of coming back from Amsterdam and not getting busted because the guards changed and Doug Benson is awesome. Ted suddenly gets a visitor - Stella.

Ted asks for a minute with Stella. He tells her that he loves her and asks if they can forget about everything and then she agrees. She looks on his chart and mounts him, seeing that he is fine. Marshall says that it was a miracle. Robin disagrees again. Marshall tells the story of how he went to Lily's kindergarden class and manages to get lice, so when he goes to get his job back he didn't get it and therefore wasn't there when the CEO was arrested.

Lily tells Stella that she's glad that they are back together and Stella says that they didn't break up and Stella gets angry that he broke up with her and goes in and tells him that she can't rely on car accidents to save them every time so she breaks up with him. A little later, Ted is discussing what happened when he gets a phone call from the hospital saying that he is the emergency contact for Barney. Apparently Barney got hit by a bus. They all go to see him and Ted and Barney finally make up. Marshall says that it's amazing how there were two miracles in one day and Robin scoffs.

Robin explains how she had a dog who was very ill and the doctor said that he just found out about and of course the procedure involves replacing the dog with a turtle. Ted decides he will go to see Stella. Marshall and Lily ask if his life flashed before his eyes and Ted looks up at Robin and smiles.

Ted find Stella and gives her an orange kangaroo and tells her that he changed substantially in the time between breaking up with her and realizing that he wanted her back - and then he asks her to marry him. Didn't see that coming, did you?

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on May 20, 2008 1:06 AM
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Um...It's not Ted who looks up and smiles at Robin when asked if the things he loved flashed before his eyes. It's Barney.

-- Posted by: Jason at May 20, 2008 1:30 AM

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